Citrix NetScaler 11 Unified Gateway

Citrix NetScaler 11 is the latest version of Citrix NetScaler series which introduces the new concept called Unified Gateway. Unified Gateway is simply a revamped and well improved NetScaler portal as per their earlier versions (3 pane view). It is most common in the world now that each company prefers to set up a gateway to act as an internet facing application while setting up their actual resources inside the private network. Here is where the NetScaler gateway a superior product by Citrix stands out. Citrix NetScaler has been primarily used to work in integration with XenApp/XenDesktop/XenMobile interfaces where it has been used in many other ways to protect a company’s internet resources nowadays. However use of XenApp StoreFront with NetScaler Gateway is a quite common thing today. There are more advantages with NetScaler like clientless access to Outlook Web Access and SharePoint web sites. Of course there are many companies that uses NetScaler to protect almost all their web resources with the advantages of load balancing, multiple Vservers, traffic monitoring, SSL offloading and lot more. Citrix NetScaler is a perfect gateway that stands between clients and servers on the internet.

The NetScaler 11 has lot of new features and optimized content delivery while the important one is portal branding when considering on the interface side. Yes, till the previous version it is not possible to set different designs for different gateway logins within single NetScaler appliance. However at Dart Innovations even with NetScaler 10.x series we provided solution to set our custom branding on Vserver basis using responder policies. With the new NetScaler 11 it is going to be bit easier as you can setup the portal themes for each virtual server on your way. However it only allows you to switch between the green bubble and coxten.

We at Dart Innovations can offer complete branding over the NetScaler 11 Gateway pages as well as the Unified Gateway portal interface. We will provide you as theme basis so you can configure integrating with the built-in way provided by NetScaler appliance GUI. This is useful so you can set up our Custom Branding to certain virtual servers and use the default to others. Or in the way like different branding to different clients of you. Although our custom branding is entirely a new code on your interface we still allow you to change your logo and few things that you can do with Portal Customization under the NetScaler GUI.

It has been a common thing that if a client uses Citrix StoreFront then he might be using NetScaler Gateway. So the common requirement we receive every day is Custom NetScaler Gateway pages and Custom StoreFront themes. However there are clients they use Web Interface for NetScaler as well NetScaler Portal to publish their internal resources on internet. Keeping all in mind we have different packages on Citrix NetScaler 11 like our NetScaler 10.x versions.

  • Custom Citrix NetScaler 11 Unified Gateway Pages
  • Custom Citrix NetScaler 11 Unified Gateway with Portal
  • Custom Citrix NetScaler 11 with Web Interface for NetScaler

Our custom interface fits on your 2 factor authentication by default hence there is no question about what is your authentication level or type. Just use our Custom Branded NetScaler Interface with any type of built-in or third party authentication where our interface just works fine like a fluid beauty.

We can also offer all our Custom Features that we offer with our StoreFront logon pages. We are the only company that has solution for this.

Watch our NetScaler 11 Unified Gateway demo to observe what we can do for you.

Open Demo

Find below some custom features that we recommend our clients to accommodate in their Custom Branded NetScaler interfaces.

Web Links
Twitter Widget
Facebook Widget
Forgot Password for users
Weather Widget
And More

Our Custom Citrix StoreFront Interface Package includes of

An Installation guide
Our installation guide is self-explanatory, simple to follow which helps you apply our customization quickly.
Free Installation Support
We provide free installation support using Remote Programs to all our Interface Customers.
90 days bug fix Warranty
After installation you have 90 days of time for bug fixing if any issues on our custom interfaces.