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Different ways to present the Custom Announcements Module

Different ways to present the Custom Announcements Module

The most customers like to adapt our Announcements module in their Custom Branded Interface either it is Citrix StoreFront or Remote Desktop Web Access or 2X RAS or Others. The reason is it is just not a fancy thing where it is a pure utility for your users. The admin can post enough updates using this module hence it helps you to communicate effectively with your users/staffs. Announcements in other term it is called as Company news or Alerts is just not a utility to post the messages where you can use it in different ways. For example you can utilize this module to share your tips, to show a simple and quick FAQ or any other information as a message board format.

The announcement module can be placed in most of the web access portals and gateway sites such as
Citrix StoreFront, NetScaler, Citrix Web Interface, Ericom Connect AccessPortal, PowerTerm WebConnect Application Portal, Ericom AccessNow,2X RAS portal etc. The traditional way of presenting this announcement is placing in a box with a scroll bar feature where number of announcements can be viewed using scroll bar. The announcements by default presented in descending order hence latest stays on first. However you can also customize this in any order as we offer the ordering control on the grid.

Here are some tips and examples of how we can present it in different ways still serving the concept.

Horizontal Scrolling

The announcements will be moved horizontally in an interval with smooth animation. We can also give control to users to move next/back by their own. The interval and left/right movement can be customized as well. You can see an example of this type on our Custom Ericom Connect AccessPortal demo.

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Vertical Scrolling

It is quite similar to the horizontal scrolling type where it scrolls up in the set interval. It is best type when we want to show 2 or more number of announcements on board at time. As usual the interval, scrolling direction and number of announcements on board can be customized based on your preference. Our RD Web Access demo and Citrix Web Interface demo have examples of it.

Marque Type

The marque type best suits when you want to use Announcements as alerts. Means when you are typically want to use this utility for notifying user with some important announcements such as maintenance updates, system interruptions or other notifications. It is quite simple way that scrolls the text left/right on top of the page (or can go at bottom of the page as well). It can carry multiple announcements at a time or only one. It can be customized as well. We have opted this in our Custom NetScaler Demo.

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Traditional Type

Traditional type is still good and most clients love to use it. It basically stays like a message board where users are not forced to look on it. All our other demo interfaces have this type. You can look at anyone below.

These are some general variations on presenting Announcements module in different way, perhaps we can bring it to any shape based on your requirement.

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