Facebook Apps and Games

Facebook Applications using Facebook SDKs, Graph API, Connect, Credits & Chat

Facebook is one of the leading firms in social network platform. We can hardly find any online user without Facebook account and that is the reason it already has millions of users and growing more. In order to make use of this user community, we at DART have expertise with all the APIs and Plug-Ins provided by Facebook like

FFacebook SDKs for WEB, Stand Alone and Mobile Apps
Facebook Connect
Facebook Chat
Facebook Graph API(OAuth 2.0)
Facebook Credits
By using this powerful platform, we can
  • Provide successful branding for your business

  • Show progress in sales and marketing

  • Increase traffic on your business website

With our creative and tech savvy professionals having in depth expertise in latest social media trends, We can develop and deliver any kind of Facebook based Applications.

Our brand or product can be facilitated with

Brand awareness

Facebook Games

Social Games takes a good amount of revenue generation in Social Media Business. We can develop all kind of games and engage user for long time:

  • Brain Teasers

  • Fantasy

  • Multi Player games

  • Role Playing Games(RPG)

  • Strategy games

Facebook Apps

Facebook Apps can help you increase your web traffic and hence your sales. There are wide varieties of facebook apps that are most common and useful.

  • Booking Apps

  • Menu Apps

  • Media Apps

  • Entertainment Apps

  • Ecommerce Apps

  • Polling Apps

  • Interactive Campaigns

  • And lot more

Facebook is one of the big platform for online apps and gaming industry. With its rich experience in all the Facebook SDKs and APIs, DART has developed numerous Facebook games.

  • Click here  to view Facebook games developed by us.

For any of your Facebook requirements, Contact Us  and we will make sure your job gets done with satisfaction.

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