Open Source Customization

One of the finest services with Dart Innovations is Open Source Customization. At Dart Innovations we keep attention with client’s budget and their need for quick start. In most cases the clients decide a project lately but they want to launch them quickly. We honor our client’s need hence keeping 2 major facts cost cutting and quick completion we decided to concentrate with open source solutions. However we choose best open source platform based on your needs keeping in mind of extendibility, built-in SEO ready nature and flexibilities on customization. We use large set of tools in which the most popular frame works are Joomla, wordpress, virtuemart, Os commerce, Zen cart, Magento Commerce, x-cart, DotnetNuke,, and ExpressionEngine.



You may need an individual portfolio site, corporate website or a magazine publishing portal you can blindly choose Joomla as the content management system. It has an amebic nature which enables us to change the shape to any kind. After choosing Joomla it is very important to choose a best Joomla developer. As a leading Joomla customization company Dart Innovations promises to provide best Joomla services. At Dart Innovations we can offer complete customization on the UI as well as on the features aspect. We work very deeply with Joomla beginning from templates, components to its core engine. Our expert UI engineering team can apply a pixel perfect design to your Joomla powered website/web application. We always provide a simple guide to our clients to help them beginning with Joomla Content Management. Read more about Joomla to have an insight about it.



WordPress is another interesting open source frame work for quick publishing. You need a blog, news portal or a portfolio site, choose wordpress as a best platform. It doesn’t stay with that limit where it can be shaped to any kind of web application by adding extensions to it. Like Joomla, wordpress is also developed by an open source community which has thousands of extensions available to plug in. WordPress is SEO ready platform with its built-in permalink, tags and web 2.0 style blogging features. Our wordpress developers have in-depth knowledge with wordpress architecture hence we can play on any corner with this. As a leading wordpress development company Dart Innovations can help you develop custom themes, plug-ins and widgets. We can enhance even the core modules of wordpress without changing it nature. Choose wordpress? Then Choose Us.



TYPO3 CMS is an enterprise level Content Management System that can be used for creating websites, intranets and web & mobile applications. The API based framework gives you the ability of expanding it easily. It has a Granular Access Rights system on the back-end which gives you more control over the content by providing restricted access rights to groups, users, pages, content and others. The framework is HTML5 & Mobile ready so you can deliver the content without any device restriction. It has over 6000 of extensions as free. At Dart Innovations we always concentrate on best open-sources to provide cost-effective solutions to our clients hence we are with TYPO3 CMS as well. We can create simple sites or a big community sharing portal or an eCommerce site or an intranet web solution or whatever you want. When TYPO3 CMS is your choice then Dart Innovations can be the choice for development. We have deep insight and can provide any solutions on TYPO3 from basic customization, template creation till building complex extensions.



ExpressionEngine from EllisLab (the founder of CodeIgniter) is another most engaging Weblog CMS platform developed using PHP and Mysql. ExpressionEngine is not a free one where you need to pay a little to buy license but that is really worth for money. Weblog system is core concept of EE however it empowers as a powerful CMS by its templates which uses its own language here are no physical files for templates, CSS, etc where everything is stored in the database. Creating web forms are so easy by EE nature because it allows creating custom fields by a click type interface. The professionals at Dart Innovations can help you anything with the well structured EE CMS platform.


ZenCart | OSCommerce | Magento Commerce | Prestashop

Open source ecommerce platform lets you build your web shop quickly. There are plenty of frame works that offer modern web commerce but with most common user experience. ZenCart, OSCommerce, Magento commerce and Prestashop are most popular platforms out of these. Each one has its own set of pros and cons and has been designed with a slightly different user in mind. We look closely with customer’s requirement and choose a best one from it. All these are PHP and Mysql based open source frame work which supports numerous languages and currencies. Dart Innovations can create stunning designs without missing your ideas over the e-commerce frame works. A custom designed web store from Dart Innovations can make your dream store into web. We don’t stay with the above frameworks where we can still work with other open source or a paid ecommerce platform based on customer’s preference. We strongly believe that a web store at finally serves the same but different products.


DotnetNuke (DNN)

Dot Net Nuke (DNN) is open source content management system developed using most popular Microsoft ASP.NET technology and uses various databases for the content storage. It can able to support multiple websites from a single application installation, of course it let’s do the installation very easier. Like Joomla and wordpress it also has hundreds of plug-ins available to enhance your application/website. Same like Joomla it provides control over the layout from the backend system. Few important features that can be managed from the backend are documents, Links, Events, News, Banner ads, Threaded discussion forums, Email forms, Broadcast email, Site registration, RSS news feeds and lot more. There is an enterprise edition of DotnetNuke which can be licensed when going for a large scale enterprise application. However, most things are possible in DNN free version itself. At Dart Innovations our team has deep insight with DNN skins as well as its extensions. We not only customize where we are able to develop new plug-ins based on the need. is an open source blogging platform developed using Microsoft It has an easy to CMS which makes you blogging very easily. Installation is very easy too. features social bookmarks, OpenSearch support, XFN tags, AJAX, FOAF, SIOC, APML, Gravatars, coComments, tag cloud, Google sitemap and other so called Web 2.0 features. Again like other open sources can be extended using its themes and plug-ins. You want to develop a theme, enhance a plug-in or develop a new one then Dart Innovations is right place for you.

The list with our open source services extends more but these are just few to highlight. If anything left here don’t hestitate, just drop your requirement >> We always love to learn and develop new things as well.