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Solutions over Open Source and Custom Content Management Systems

What is content management system (CMS)?

Content management system (CMS) is a computer application that supports the creation and modification of digital content. Although the CMS can serve wide variety of requirements such as document management, team collaboration and more it is often meant for Web-based publishing. A web content management system is software that runs on servers which keeps track of every piece of content on your Web site; much like your local public library keeps track of books and stores them. Content can be simple text, photos, music, video, documents, or just about anything you can think of. A major advantage of using a CMS is that it requires almost no technical skill or knowledge to manage your content. Dart Innovations with expertise on both Open Source CMS as well Custom CMS development can help you develop a best Content Management System for your website, portal or other management needs.

Advantages of Web Content Management Systems (CMS)

Install and build websites quickly
Content publishing is easy for even non-technical people
Design customization and changes are simple
Templating advantages so you can switch the entire designs on click
Extensions allow developers to extend your site to any type (Ex: you have a simple website and now want to sell something)
Most CMS published content are SEO ready in nature
HTML and other coding standards are maintained by default

Common Features that most CMS frameworks should have by default

Template and theme support for customizing designs
SEO-friendly URLs
Install and Upgrade wizards
Modularity and extensibility
Built-in support for cross browser/device compatibilities
Admin and User Management
Admin panel with multiple language support
Content hierarchy with unlimited depth and size
Minimal server requirements
Integrated file managers
Integrated audit logs

What are CMS Frameworks that DART works with?

Why DART for your CMS requirement.

More than 18 years of experience in building and customizing CMS softwares
Multi-platform experience in varied industry types
Deep understanding on Core languages such as PHP, .Net, Java, Apache Sling etc
Ability to understand the frameworks and build the extensions within the core rules
Competitive Pricing with Unparalleled Quality
Free implementation/hosting support
24/7 Technical Support

Which CMS platform to choose?

Choosing a best CMS for your website or web application may be a painful task for you. We advise you to prepare the requirement and leave us to choose it for you. We will come up with a best one that suits to your need.

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