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Custom E-Learning Design and Development

E-Learning is one of the core domains of DART from the day of its inception. Majority of our time is spent in digital environment and hence the learning approach also revolutionized to adapt the ever changing digital world.

We at DART have years of experience in providing e-Learning solutions to global clients with multi-faceted business requirements and domains.

E-Learning plays an integral and vital role not only in educational institutions but in corporate as well in their business growth.

We have authored hundreds of hours of e-Learning courseware content and delivered to global clients.

Our custom e-Learning solution approach is simple; we just want to engage the user for long time with our creative and presentation skills.

We provide the below list of e-Learning based services but not limited to:

We use agile practices in developing e-Learning courseware by using the latest e-Learning standards and requirements like:

SCORM compliance
 AICC compliance
 Tin Can API

Learning Management System (LMS)

There are numberous LMS available in the market to host the e-Learning coursewares. We at DART choose the most optimal LMS based on the requirement. We have the expertise in adapting any LMS and author the e-Learning courseware. It is not a big concern for us to deal with any LMS.

BlackBoard LMS
Edmodo LMS
Paradisso LMS

Moodle Customization Services

Moodle is one of the best and popular open source Learning Management System (LMS). It is used by various e-Learning solution providers to deliver the e-Learning content in a professional and cost effective manner.

Moodle is one of the priority LMS that DART always prefer to customize due to its popularity and years of expereience we have with Moodle cusomization.

DART is one of the leading Moodle Customization company as we have customized Moodle to deploy numerous e-Learning requirements. Our dedicated Moodle customization experts have years of experience in deploying any kind of courseware in Moodle. We have cost effective solution for every e-Learning requirement with hundred percent satisfaction on the quality.

Our Moodle services include:
  • Moodle installations
  • Moodle Customizations
  • Moodle plug-in development
  • Moodle design and development
  • Moodle consulting services
  • Moodle Module development
  • Moodle e-Learning portal development services
  • Moodle LMS maintenance and services
  • Moodle Application development
  • Moodle localization – support for multiple languages

Why Moodle? Moodle has become one of the widely used open source LMS in e-Learning industry due to its versatile features and easy to implementation. It is served through thousands of e-Learning portals and accessed by millions of users. Read More about Moodle

Got a Moodle customization requirement? Contact Us now to get the best optimal solution that suits your requirement.

Our e-Learning design and development solution

Getting content and other available inputs from client
Explore the content and provide optimal solution
Create mockups with visual designs
From the mockups, final UI and layout design is created
Develop the e-Learning courseware
Complete QA and testing is done as part of beta launch
Launch the e-Learning courseware to public


DART has good experience in developing games. We have designed and developed hundreds of interesting and engaging games. With this rich gaming experience, we incorporate the gaming approach in e-Learning modules as well and this is called e-Learning gamification.

Why gamification in e-Learning?

Often users get bored while reading through the plain static e-Learning content. To avoid this and make the courseware more interesting and engaging, we follow the below methods:

  • Make the content more interactive
  • Include game design elements
  • Apply gaming methods in presenting the content
  • Make the content more fun & dynamic rather than static & plain

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Why DART for your e-Learning requirement.

DART is one of the best e-Learning design and development company having developed hundreds of hours of e-Learning modules from 2006 onwards.

Our team of dedicated interactive e-Learning solution experts with years of core experience in various e-Learning standards and technologies have developed and delivered e-Learning portals to global clients.

Dedicated team of e-Learning solution experts
Cost effective without compromising on quality
Dedicated team of Moodle customization experts
24/7 technical and maintenance support
Tailor made custom e-Learning solutions
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