Other Content Management Systems

More Content Management frameworks we work with

At Dart Innovations we are not limited where we work with more variety of CMS and frameworks. These are some popular CMS we have in-depth knowledge with. The list doesn’t mean that we can only work with these where we work with huge number of CMS. Also we are always willing to learn and work with new things such as new CMS, new frameworks and any type of custom builds your need. We are very strong with core PHP and core .net hence any requirement on web can be achieved with our custom tailor-made solutions.

  • Concrete5

  • Typo3 CMS

  • DNN (DotNetNuke)

  • ModX

  • Grav CMS


Concrete5 is an Open Source Content Management System built with PHP and MySQL. Concrete5 features in-context editing (the ability to edit website content directly on the page, rather than in an administrative interface or using web editor software). As a CMS, concrete5 strikes a balance between framework features and ease of use for content editors. You can build a website as mobile friendly, SEO ready with all flexible and secure content. Concrete5 has strong open source community support from thousands of developers, web shops, and creative agencies.

Typo3 CMS

Typo3 CMS is developed as Open Source written in PHP. it is more widespread in Europe than in other regions. TYPO3 is credited to be highly flexible. It can be extended by new functions without writing any program code. The system offers several thousands of extensions that can be quickly and easily installed. You can expand functionalities by additional image galleries, discussion boards, internet shop, etc. One of the most important advantages is ability to set a page structure without pre-fixed order of blocks, sections or articles. The script has an internal language called TypoScript that allows for creation of many elements like static HTML with dynamic content in it.

DNN (DotNetNuke)

DNN® (formerly DotNetNuke®) is the leading open source web content management platform (CMS) in the Microsoft ecosystem. DNN is preferable for those who want to stay with Microsoft platform and it’s web application server (IIS). It is written using C# .Net. DNN has 2 versions one is DNN Platform which is a community edition, totally free including the entire source. The another one is DNN Evoq which is commercial (license based) edition. Although the DNN Evoq has more advantages we can do everything from the DNN Platform itself. DNN Platform is robust content management that includes of the features such as Cloud-ready with MS Azure compatibility, multiple portals on single installation, social API, Modern client-side Web tools like CSS 3, HTML 5 and JQuery, Robust security and more. DNN is a Modular architecture enables hundreds of third party plug-in Modules. Building or customizing a custom module is easy as well. It also has designer-friendly Skinning engine for total site customization. The security and maintenance is top most on DNN, it is maintained and supported by DotNetNuke Corporation.


MODX Revolution makes it easy to build HTML5/CSS3-powered sites and custom web applications. ModX is an open source written in PHP. ModX aims to produce faster websites coming with a robotic caching engine that can perform well in even low configuration servers. There are good amount of plugins/extras to extend ModX to any level. ModX is a CMF (content management framework) than CMS (Content Management System) which is more developer friendly that let developers to extend to any level using API.

Grav CMS

Grav is a popular CMS with build using optimized flat-file architecture. It is open source CMS which can be downloaded for free and installed in few clicks. Grav allows for theme Inheritance hence creating custom themes are very easy. Being file based means backing up and restoring your data is super easy, and changing hosts/servers is a breeze! It ships with a built-in Package Manager which lets you to find, install, and easily update extensions and themes for Grav. Grav also has a powerful API which lets you flexibly extend it shape to any level. Grav allows you to write Markdown Content or plain HTML or mixed one which let you manage content in a flexible way. Grav has more modern features such as Multi-Language Support, Modular Pages, Custom Fields, Flexible Taxonomies, Version Control & Sync support, Built-in Media Types and Image Media Processing, Automatic Page Link Handling and many more. Grav is a faster and SEO friendly CMS which also has a built-in caching system.

Other CMS

We also can help you develop your website or web application with any other CMS including the old out dated CMS if you are on preference with that. Such CMS includes of Mambo, django, php BB, Vbulletin, PHPnuke, Telerik, Umbraco, SharePoint, DotCMS, SocialEngine, OpenCms, eZ Publish, Kentico CMS, SilverStripe, LifeRay, Contao, Alfresco.

Our Portfolio

Our Portfolio

Why DART for your CMS requirement

More than 17 years of experience in building and customizing CMS softwares
Multi-platform experience in varied industry types
Deep understanding on Core languages such as PHP, .Net etc.
Ability to understand the frameworks and build the extensions within the core rules
Competitive Pricing with Unparalleled Quality
Free implementation/hosting support
Technical Support
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Which CMS to Choose?

If you have a dilemma on what CMS to choose for your web requirement then leave that to us. Just prepare your requirement and send to us we will advise the best for you. If budget is concern then let us know so we can advise you the affordable solution suits to your budget.

Let’s discuss about your requirements on CMS?
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