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Web development is a broad term of the work involved in both designing and developing a website or a web application for the Internet (WWW) or intranet. At Dart Innovations our team is well trained in UI, UX as well as usability engineering hence we can perfectly turn your requirement into the end user reach point. Our designers concentrate with pixel perfect output where our programmers can port the design without missing a single pixel. Dart Innovations can provide solutions for all your web and mobile which may be a simple website or an enterprise tool or a complex web portal.These are the most popular areas we categorize our web development stuffs however we are not limited to these.

Content Management System
Web Applications
Web Design & Development
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Flash To HTML5 conversion

One of the best ways to platform your web presence is developing CMS (Content Management System) based website. A best Content Management System enables you to edit content, layout, banners, daily announcements and all your news/events. This way, your website can look very fresh on daily basis which will attract your visitors. Dart Innovations can offer you custom CMS solutions either by developing from the scratch using one of the popular languages such as PHP, .net or Java or using open source frame works such as Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, DotnetNuke, Moodle (LMS) or Expression engine. The PHP based open source CMS are more popular and used by most site owners worldwide, however we are also strong with .net based CMS such as DNN (DotNetNuke), BlogEngine.NET etc. Read More >>

E-commerce in other terms online shopping is an internet business where all transactions take over the internet. In recent days internet selling and buying is quite common and becomes a trend on commerce world. You sell anything; it may be books, cars, electronics, groceries or even your service you will have a solution to sell online. . At Dart Innovations we listen, observe and then design your business for online. We have variety of open source frame work based ecommerce solutions such as Magento commerce, Zencart, Opencart, Oscommerce, Virtuemart, WP-Ecommerce, X-cart and more. We choose the best frame work after deep analysis of customers’ business. We also provide custom solution that we develop your store from the scratch using PHP or .net, based on your needs. Read More >>

You may need an application to manage your projects, time sheet, cash flow, stocks, orders, newsletters and lot more. We have solutions for everything that you need. Bring your ideas which we can transform as a web application. We help develop and deliver your web need as an application via internet as well as intranet. Web applications are more powerful than desktop based applications where they don’t require any installation except a web browser for users (staff, customers, students and others). Web applications are centralized so use from anywhere and any device. We use PHP, .net, HTML5, AJAX, Flash platform, SQL, MySQL and other popular languages/tools for developing web applications. We also can help you customize your existing web application or an application purchased from other vendors. Our dedicated resources model is more suitable in most cases of Web Application development requirements. Read More >>

In today’s internet world, websites play an integral and vital role in any business growth. We understand this and provide the most optimal solution based on the client’s requirement. With more than a decade of professional experience in web technologies, DART is one of the pioneer in web design and development. We have delivered more than 2000 websites so far across the globe by utilizing the latest available technologies. You may not need an online commerce or a learning management or an article publishing system or a social networking but still need a web identity, then plan a simple website. You have a great website but not optimized for mobile, instead of reworking that you may like to go for a separate mobile website, leave us your confusions and we can advise the best. We at DART start with conceiving the initial website requirement and then provide visual design concepts until the requirement is satisfied. Read More >>

E-Learning is one of the core domains of DART from the day of its inception. Majority of our time is spent in digital environment and hence the learning approach also revolutionized to adapt the ever changing digital world. We at DART have years of experience in providing e-Learning solutions to global clients with multi-faceted business requirements and domains. E-Learning plays an integral and vital role not only in educational institutions but in corporate as well in their business growth. Abbreviations like CBT (Computer-Based Training), IBT (Internet-Based Training) or WBT (Web-Based Training) have been used as synonyms to e-learning. We are experts in customizing the Open Source LMS such as Moodle as well develop a custom LMS (Learning Management System) from scratch. We have a big team for Rich Media content authoring hence we can take over any strength of courses at a time. Read More >>

Think about a way of just not selling your product on web but making customers to customize the product before they purchase where rich media applications engaging about. For example you sell a car then why not you allow your visitors/customers to customize the options such as choosing wheels, colors etc in a visual way? Rich media applications can deliver your product presentation in an interactive way where your customers can have a virtual experience with your product. Your application dashboard can deliver rich graphs and charts to enhance the user experience. And more, we can develop high end interactive applications such as online video editing, designer applications, product customizers and lot more using Rich Media technology. Our team at Dart plays with ActionScript and AJAX technologies beyond the limit. Read More >>

From the start of mobile era, many companies have started to use HTML5 for the front end development of new web applications and many have started to migrate or upgrade their existing content from Flash (or plain HTML) to HTML5. At DART, we shall get the existing Flash content from client and then use a suitable Flash To HTML framework to re-structure and re-organize the Flash content to make it HTML5 compatible. This speeds up the conversion process to new HTML5 content and makes developer life easy. The converted content in HTML5 will retain everything from Flash like its look & feel, richness, graphics and all. The new converted HTML5 content will be satisfying the greater usability demands of different screen dimensions of mobile devices and desktops. HTML5 contents can be made light weight to support even low end mobile devices and it will only consume optimal device resources. Our Flash to HTML5 conversion process and methods makes sure that required standard is followed and the new content gets rendered as per the requirement properly. Read More >>

Don’t hesitate to ask us if your requirement is not under the categories above. These are some popular services we provide on web developments area where we are not limited to these. Your requirement may be a portfolio site, corporate informational site, blog publishing, social networking portal, learning portal, financial applications or an entertainment portal we have solutions for everything. Even you may need a single page website or a coming soon page, we have great solutions for all your needs. Would like to discuss?

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