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Zoho Apps, CRM, Analytics, Extensions and more

Zoho offers various tools and options to help you make and build a system that automates most your processes. While Zoho fits to all business there may be a need of customization to personalize your needs. Here is where our experts can help you.

DART’s Zoho customization experts can help you tailor the solution to better meet your business needs. This includes customizing workflows, fields, formats, reports, analytics, developing apps, extensions and integrating Zoho with other applications.

DART’s services with Zoho Platform

Zoho Consultation

Understanding your need our experts can fit the right set of Zoho apps and tools to streamline your business process. Your requirement may be related sales, customer relationship, business process automation or anything around your business, we have right choice of solutions for you. We can provide comprehensive and customized service to all industries at any size.

Zoho CRM Customization

Our Zoho CRM developer leverage Zoho CRM features to improve the operational efficiency of your businesses and boost the productivity of sales team by customizing the Zoho CRM pertaining to your business process & requirements, which facilitates you to manage sales channels effectively, and close deals smarter & faster way.

Zoho Analytics Customization

Do you need a custom dashboard or custom charts built based on your data? We can help you build any type of custom analytics dashboard with any complex type of data structure. If your data model is legacy or modern, don’t worry we have solutions for all around. Our developers are expert with analyzing Database hence we can provide you better visuals based on your need.

Custom Zoho Apps

Launch your application faster with DART’s custom Zoho app development services as we customize and deploy Zoho apps across all mobile operating systems using low-code platforms. If you need a custom solutions with innovative functionalities that cater to specific business models, we can build one quickly using Zoho’s low code platform.

Zoho Extensions

You may want to extend the functionality of Zoho products and/or to integrate Zoho products with other business applications; we can achieve it by building a Zoho extension. Your requirement may be simple or complex but our Zoho extension developers with strong knowledge in Sigma can deliver high quality extensions for you.

Zoho Integrations

If you like to integrate Zoho service within other Zoho apps or external 3rd party systems, we can do that. We can utilize Zoho tools or build custom connectors to work with Zoho API which can synchronize data between Zoho service and other systems. If you are looking for a reliable Zoho Integration partner then you are in right place.

Engagement Models

Dedicated Resource/Team

The best model to work on. Engage a developer or team to work dedicatedly on your project. We have flexible contract model where you can hire a developer for just a week.

Project-Based Model

Discuss your project, estimate the cost/timeline and get started. This model works best when you have definite scope of work on hand and you are sure what is to be delivered.

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