Custom JavaScript programming

Web development using JavaScript and JavaScript frameworks

JavaScript in Web and Mobile development

JavaScript has become mandatory integral part of any web and mobile development industry. Moreover, without JavaScript nothing can be done in web and mobile applications.
JavaScript is the scripting language used to program the front end part of any web and mobile applications. At DART, we use JavaScript as we breathe. JS is used along with HTML and CSS for layout and designing the web and mobile pages. With years of experience, we have delivered thousands of small to complex robust JS based web and mobile websites & applications to global clients.

Our team of dedicated JavaScript experts have years of experience in all of the below but not limited to

JavaScript Frameworks and Libraries

Due to the rapid growth and wide scope of JS implementation in every part of web programming, there are numerous JavaScript frameworks & libraries available for easy implementation and to follow agile methodology. We have used the below JS frameworks in many projects.

Our Custom JavaScript services

With enormous experience that we have with JavaScript over the years, we provide the below services but not limited to. We can provide optimal solution to any requirement.

Web Application development using JS frameworks like Bootstrap, Angular and React
Mobile Application development using PhoneGap, Jquery Mobile, SenchaTouch, React Native etc.
JavaScript integration with server side languages like PHP, .NET, JAVA
Plug-in customization and development
Conversion of existing Adobe Flash apps & games to HTML5/JS
JavaScript integration with Web Services and APIs
JavaScript integration with JSON and XML
Interactive JS application development
JavaScript Games


We at DART have years of experience in Custom JavaScript development and have delivered thousands of web and mobile applications to global clients using JavaScript.

Our team of JavaScript experts with years of core JavaScript experience in developing JS based custom applications. We have a solution for every requirement and need.

Our Portfolio

Our Portfolio

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