Rich Media Applications

Rich Media Applications using HTML5, AJAX, Flash, Flex and more

Rich Media Applications are web and mobile applications that go one step beyond out of the box solutions compared to normal web applications. This type of applications has more user interactions. For instance, product configuration app where the user can design their own product by using the various resources and options provided in the rich media app.

Rich Media Applications include various assets that make them more attractive and presentable to users.

Streaming audio/video
Rich graphics and animations
Interactive text, graphic, audio and video elements

These can be used to develop below type of web and mobile apps but not limited too.

Our specialized innovative rich media application development experts with years of experience in creating innovative apps have capability to

Conceptualize: Get the requirement and brainstorm with creative ideas to present the concept.
Visualize: Put the concept in to visual designs.
Design and develop: Design the visualized concept and develop.

Rich Media applications can be developed using any of the modern web and mobile technologies like:

Adobe Flash/Flex/AIR/ActionScript
Java, JavaFX, Java Applets

Why Custom Rich Media Applications?

There are times when we need to think out of the box and present our business to users in a different innovative and creative way. That is where when custom rich media applications come in to play.

For instance, we can consider a T-Shirt customization web application. User can customize their own T-Shirts by customizing many of the features like:

T-shirt style
T-shirt fabric
T-shirt size
T-shirt color
Add text, images , clip arts and various design elements

The main advantage is that we tailor your requirement in to custom rich media application so that it works the way actual business works and provides Return on Investment (ROI) as expected.


DART is a Rich Media/Internet application development company having years of experience in developing creative and innovative apps by following the most agile software industry standard development practices.

Our team of dedicated Rich Media/Internet application experts has experience in almost all the web and mobile technologies and hence we have a solution for every requirement.

Dedicated team of graphic design experts
Dedicated team of visual composers
Dedicated team of JavaScript experts
Dedicated team of Flash/Flex/ActionScript experts
Dedicated team of HTML/JS/CSS experts
24/7 technical and maintenance support

If you have any innovative concept and want to present it to users then please Contact Us and we will take care of the rest.

For more details, please visit our RIA blog Rich Internet Applications

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