Custom PHP Development

Web Applications development using Core PHP and PHP Frameworks

PHP is one of the most popular server-side scripting language which is used in creating dynamic web pages for web application development. The most unique and fortunate thing about PHP is – it is Open Source.

PHP is used to develop varied type of applications starting from normal contact form to robust ERP/CRM web applications.
Its usage is massive and spread across the cloud. Due to PHP’s various versatile features, it is part of DART’s one of the core programming language. At DART, we have been using PHP for more than a decade now.

PHP Frameworks:

PHP frameworks can help and simplify the process of web development in a more professional and efficient manner. With its many built-in features, PHP frameworks enable speedy web development process.
Below are the advantages of using PHP frameworks:

  • Follows design patterns like MVC (Model View Controller)
  • Re-usable, maintainable and organized code base
  • Built-in tested code blocks
  • reduced delivery time
  • Web security handling

There  are numerous free PHP frameworks available. We have used many of them in our projects

Laravel: Laravel is a free open source PHP framework that follow MVC design pattern. Laravel is one of the most popular free PHP framework used by most of the PHP developers.

It has many good features like:

  • Modular packaging system
  • Accessing relational databases
  • Application deployment and maintenance utilities
  • Support of session, queuing, caching and Restful API

CodeIgniter: CodeIgniter is a free PHP framework which is lightweight and does not strictly follow MVC pattern. Developer has the freedom to add third party plug-ins for enhanced functionality.

Symphony: Symphony is a free PHP framework with lots of re-usable PHP libraries that facilitates developers with speedy development process and accomplishes different tasks easily.

CakePHP: CakePHP is a free PHP framework with efficient built-in high level security features like database protection, input validations, Cross site request forgery (CSRF) protection and many more.

Zend Framework: Zend is one of the most sophisticated and robust PHP frameworks that can be used for developing large and complex projects. Zend follows agile methodology that provides developers an added advantage to deliver high quality apps.

Yii 2: Yii 2 is a free PHP framework that follows Object oriented programming and lazy loading technique. It is integrated with JavaScript libraries like JQuery and that simplifies the UI generation. It also provides a web interface to generate code required.

With PHP, we can develop any kind of custom web applications like,

Content Management System (CMS)
Blog Development
B2B Web Applications
E-commerce Websites
Forum Development
B2C web Applications
CRM Application Development
Social Networking sites
Learning Management Systems (LMS)

The above list is not limited to; PHP is used in many various dynamic domains for developing Custom PHP applications.

At DART, with years of experience in PHP and thousands of hours spent on Custom PHP applications development, we provide the below PHP based services but not limited to.

  • Custom PHP product development
  • PHP based CMS customization
  • Responsive web applications using various PHP Frameworks
  • Custom Content Management System development
  • Custom PHP programming and scripting
  • Custom PHP application development
  • Migration from .NET to PHP
  • Migration from JAVA to PHP
  • Adobe Flash/Flex and PHP integration


We at DART have years of experience in Custom PHP development and have delivered numerous PHP web applications to global clients.
We have team of PHP experts with years of core PHP experience in developing PHP based custom applications. No matter how complex the requirement is, we have a solution for that.

  • Dedicated team of PHP experts
  • Commitment to deadlines as time is money and business
  • Tailor made solutions based on the requirement
  • Cost effective without compromising on quality
  • 24/7 technical and maintenance support
  • Customer satisfaction is our main goal

For any PHP requirement, CONTACT US now and we will ensure your work is done as expected.