Website design and development

Websites design and development using modern technologies

With more than a decade of professional experience in web technologies, DART is one of the pioneer in web design and development. We have delivered more than 2000 websites so far across the globe by utilizing the latest available technologies.
In today’s internet world, websites play an integral and vital role in any business growth. We understand this and provide the most optimal solution based on the client’s requirement.
We at DART start with conceiving the initial website requirement and then provide visual design concepts until the requirement is satisfied. Our Website design experts have the caliber of getting the visual design approved in first shot itself.

We follow a simple linear process in website design and development.


Getting business requirement and various inputs available from client


Website construction and development


Explore the requirement and provide optimal suggestion & solution

Quality Analysis (QA)

Complete QA and testing is done as part of beta launch


Create visual designs with rich UI/UX


Website is launched in live environment

A website acts as a central hub for any business where all other activities revolve around it. So, website design and development is not just creating a website instead presenting the business content details to customer in an appealing manner which makes the customer to go through the site.

We provide the below website development services but not limited to:

User Interface (UI)/ User Experience (UX)
HTML and CSS development
Social media tools integration to drive traffic
Website maintenance

Apart from the above custom solution, we use various open source CMS and customize them based on requirement.


WordPress is an open source CMS used to create stunning websites. Majority of the modern websites are created using WordPress. There is tons of WordPress plug-ins available which makes it easy to satisfy any requirement. WordPress is backed up with a powerful admin utility which allows the site admin to manage the website content easily.


Drupal is an open source content management platform supported by expert developers across the globe which makes it robust and one of the user friendly architecture. Drupal has great standard features, like easy content authoring, reliable performance, and excellent security. Drupal provides deep capabilities and endless flexibility on the web.


Joomla is an open source content management system used to create powerful websites. Joomla is a user friendly and mobile ready way to create websites. It has a large community to support and thousands of components and modules are available to ease the development process. It is SEO friendly and that enables the Joomla sites to be listed in search engines..


Magento is an open source e-Commerce platform content management system used to develop e-Commerce websites. Majority of e-Commerce websites are developed using Magento. It has well-organized user tools that enhances the user experience. Online stores developed using Magento have very good performance and security. There are many Magento extensions available which makes it more robust and professional implementation.

Click here for more details on Content Management System.


With more than a decade of experience in website design and development, we at DART have a solution for every requirement.

Our team of dedicated website design and development experts with years of core experience in various web technologies have developed and delivered websites to global clients.

Dedicated team of open source CMS experts
Commitment to deadlines as time is money and business
Tailor made solutions based on the requirement
Cost effective without compromising on quality
24/7 technical and maintenance support
Customer satisfaction is our main goal

For any website design and development requirement, CONTACT US now.

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