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Dart Innovations and Technologies complete its 15th Anniversary, March 10th 2021!!

Once again the huge day has come. Yes, today is our 15th Anniversary. Wow!! It’s another year and just looks like a dream that we have passed out 15 successful years so quicker. So it is 16th year which is just another year and we believe for a huge success like all other years.

Yet another year passed by and we thank all our Clients, Vendors, Employees and other members who were involved in making this happen.

We will continue to work smart and hard as we did earlier to provide best exceptional services to our clients in our success path in the coming years!!!

Due to Covid and Elections in Tamilnadu, our celebrations are postponed to MID of May 2021 – will post the celebration pics soon!!

Meanwhile ~~ HaPpY BiRtHdAy “DART INNOVATIONS” ~~