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Flash to HTML5 Conversion Overview

First of all, we will have a brief about Flash and HTML5.

What is Adobe Flash Player? 

Flash player is a browser based plug-in used to view multimedia content, streaming video & audio, executing Rich Internet Applications, complex 2D & 3D games and many more. In fact, Flash plug-in was available in more than 90 percent of desktop systems until few years back.

Most of the online audio and video players were delivered using Flash player. Even YouTube’s initial video player was developed in Flash.

Flash was the only option to deliver rich content and games across desktop browsers. Majority of e-Learning content were delivered using Flash player as it was easier to create graphically rich content using authoring tools like Flash, Articulate and other tools.

Everything was going perfect with Flash until recent past years as it was a dominating browser plug-in

To play games online
To deliver rich media content
To view e-Learning courseware

The nightmare for Flash player started once smart handheld devices come in to play. Smart phone and tablets work on low battery power with touch screen facility. This started the downfall of Flash player due to its performance in low battery power devices.

Now, the Flash player is not supported in almost all the web and mobile browsers by default. The user has to allow and permit the Flash player to deliver in some the web browsers. It seems, even that will be vanished in near future.

So, what is the take now? Flash player is gone. What will happen to tons of Flash based games and millions of hours of e-Learning content delivered through Flash player. No worries, all these Flash player based content can be converted Flash to HTML5.

What is HTML5?

HTML5 is the current version of HTML markup language used for presenting content in browsers across devices. HTML5 is not just the current version of HTML but it has revolutionized the way HTML has been used over the years due to its various advanced features.

HTML5 has the ability to include but not limited to:

Canvas to draw graphics on the fly
Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG)
MathML for Mathematic Formulas

With all these features, HTML5 has become the only replacement for Flash player as HTML5 has the native ability to perform well in low battery powered devices.

Advantages of HTML5

HTML5 has many advantages due to its versatile features:

HTML5 content are compatible in all modern browsers across operating systems
HTML5 performs flawlessly in all web and mobile browsers without any plug-ins
HTML5 supports Responsive Web Design (RWD)
HTML5 renders multi-media and graphics content similar to Flash
HTML5 output content consume less memory

Why Flash to HTML5 is the need of the hour?

As discussed above, Flash player is almost getting vanished across web. So, just keeping the Flash based apps, games and e-Learning courseware will be not be of any use in near future. So, what can be done with the existing Flash content? Just convert Flash content to HTML5 and get back to business.

There are many software and tools available for Flash to HTML5 conversion like:

Adobe Wallaby
Google Swiffy
Sothink – Flash to HTML5 conversion tool
Apache FlexJS

These tools can only be used to convert small Flash files like Flash Ads to HTML5 and Flash banners to HTML5.

For converting bigger Flash content files like

Flash games to HTML5
Interactive Flash content to HTML5
Flash e-Learning content to HTML5

We need to follow a manual approach and there is no automatic tool to convert interactive and complex Flash content to HTML5. Developers having ActionScript background and JavaScript knowledge can do the Flash to HTML5 conversion in a professional and efficient manner

There are few steps that need to be taken care while doing Flash to HTML5 conversion.

Make sure Flash source file is available
Extract the assets like images, sounds from the Flash source file
Select an authoring tool to use the extracted resources for HTML5 version
Flash ActionScript code cannot be used. Equivalent JavaScript needs to be used.
Output the content in HTML5 version and test it across web & mobile browsers

Flash to HTML5 migration provides numerous advantages and benefits:

Device compatibility: HTML5 content works seamlessly across desktop and mobile device browsers.
Fresh Look and Feel: While performing Flash to HTML5 conversion, the design or layout can be tweaked to bring a modern UI experience.
E-Learning courses can be revamped
Flash games can be given new look with new game assets in HTML5

Now, one can understand the necessity for Flash to HTML5 conversion. So, what are you waiting for?

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