A Fun Labyrinth game for Android and IOSGutentor Simple Text

Mazigo is a Classic Labyrinth 2D game with modern approach and cool graphics that let’s players keep interesting. This puzzle adventure game will keep you addicted but increases your concentration as well make you refreshed always. The challenges are with the time and broken tiles/fences. They are still soft to challenge if you concentrate with your cool mind. Besides all, it’s a perfect pastime with its unique gameplay.

The Mazigo game is basically developed in purpose of showing our capabilities on Godot[GK1] engine but as the game got interested by the people we decided to make it as a complete game that is available to everyone. Let’s download and play Mazigo!!

The 1st release covers of 15 levels where subsequent episodes are on progress. We commit to keep developing this game to make the players always fun.


Play while on go. Just need to tilt for rolling the ball.
Time that always challenges, rush up!!
Level increases the complexity and fun increases.
1-3 balls with variations such as one and one, all at time and color match.
Broken Fences and Tiles that challenge your game play.
Super Boosters that help you fix some fences or tiles.
Extender that helps you extend the time when you lost.
Rewards that can ease up your game play.

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