Parallels RAS Portal Customization

Custom branded interfaces for Parallels Remote Access Server Web Portal

Parallels RAS is another leading remote publishing product that provides a solution for any organization seeking to reap the benefits of application/desktop virtualization. The lovable thing with the Parallels Remote Application server is the most easiest to install and configure. Parallels Remote Application Server delivers Windows applications to any user from anywhere, irrespective of the operating system, computer or mobile device they are using. Parallels RDP Client is the best in class and it runs on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android and several other platforms. Parallels Web Portal is the browser based web portal which enables users to access the published applications using the browser.

Dart Innovations can offer custom interface solution over the Parallels web portals. We have deep insight with Parallels Remote Application server’s web portal framework hence we can provide you any level of interface customization not only the designs but some custom features as well. We can apply your company branding on each screens of Parallels Web Portal.

Watch out our Parallels Web Portal interface live demo to know more about our customization capabilities on both design and custom features.

Open Demo

Here are some features we can offer with our Custom Interface Solution,

  • Announcement module
  • Web Links module
  • Microsoft Outlook Web App Integration
  • Any Email Integration (yahoo, gmail or any)
  • Calendar widget
  • SSO Connectors Widget
  • Displaying user’s Active Directory information
  • Client Information (IP, client’s ICA version and such)
  • Social widgets integration (Facebook, Twitter etc)
  • Show/Hide applications and folders based on AD global groups
  • Downloads module
  • Documents Module
  • Videos module
  • Remember me option
  • Login widget that you can embed in your website or anywhere for single sign-on (SSO)
  • And lot more

Don’t see a feature you have in mind? We like to hear about your ideas/needs and convert that as a custom feature.

Our Custom Parallels RAS Portal Interface Package includes of

An Installation guide
Our installation guide is self expanatory, simple to follow which helps you apply our cusomization quickly.
Free Installation Support
We provide free installation support using Remote Programs to all our Interface Customers.
90 days bug fix Warranty
After installation you have 90 days of time for bug fixing if any issues on our custom interfaces.