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Customization and Branding service for all your Web Portals and Web Access sites

Dart Innovations offers interface customization and branding services for the most web facing sites of Remote Application Servers, Exchange Systems, Gateway Appliances, UTM Appliances and Identity Management Systems. We can provide full branding on each screen and make the application have your own customized look. Dart Innovations can help not only on the cosmetic part where it can help increase the functional features hence the user experience as well. We can add some interesting utilities such as Announcements, Web links, Alerts, Documents, Downloads, AD User Info, Client Info, Enhanced Change Password module, Twitter/Facebook Integration, Weather Widget and lot more. Read more on our knowledge blog to know about some useful custom features you can think of adding in your custom branded interfaces.

We have vast experience working with Citrix Web Interface, Citrix StoreFront, Citrix NetScaler, Microsoft Remote Desktop Web Access, Microsoft Outlook Web App, VMware Horizon, Parallels (2X) RAS Portals, Ericom and lot more. The list is not limited where our concept is ‘Customize Any App Any Interface’. Let us know if you don’t see a web app or web facing site on the list but you like to customize. We love to hear, learn and help you customize. We already have customized at least 20’s of different web app sites not in this list.

Dart Innovations can offer full-fledged branding over the Citrix StoreFront Receiver Web Interface. We can just not work with colors or logo where we can totally rearrange and redesign the each interface elements based on your preference. We ca help you all the way to make it personalize with your company’s brand elements. Our Custom Branding applies to Login, After Login Pages, Favorites, Categories, Featured App Groups gallery and everything with the StoreFront 3.x Receiver Web Interface. And our advanced customization solution can help you bring in some useful features such as announcements, links, OWA integration, Twitter integration and more which are listed below.

We offer our Custom Interface solutions for Citrix NetScaler in 4 ways. Custom NetScaler logon pages. [Login, logoff and expired password pages], Custom NetScaler logon with StoreFront Receiver Web Custom NetScaler login with Portal pages and Custom NetScaler login with NetScaler Web Interface. Dart Innovations can also offer advanced customization over the NetScaler logon page by providing useful custom features on it.

CloudPortal Services Manager is an easy-to-use web portal that makes cloud offerings easy from provisioning to billing. Dart Innovations can offer customization over the cloud portal templates to reflect your company as well as your customers’ brands. We can offer extensive CSS based customization to bring your ideas and brand identity to live. Dart Innovations offers custom interface templates for both Custom and URL Branding. You can apply your managed customer’s branding on their individual portal.

As a company that works with TS Web Access versions we commit to offer great customizations over the MS Remote Desktop Web Access. Remote Desktop Web Access is a web facing interface for the Microsoft Remote Desktop Services (Terminal Services) which enables users to access their Remote Apps and Desktops via Web browser. At Dart Innovations we can customize the design and layout of the entire RD Web Access Portal to match your company’s Brand Identity. We also can offer advanced customization by providing Custom Features such as Announcements, Links, Twitter Integration, Documents, Downloads, Videos and more.

Outlook Web App (formerly known as Outlook Web Access) is a great way to access your Office 365 for business or other Exchange-based email account using a web browser. Dart Innovations with its expertise in customizing OWA interfaces can offer you best custom branded interface for your MS Outlook Web App interfaces. Our custom branded OWA themes works with both full and lite version and applies to both login and after login pages.

Dart Innovations can help you customize your default VMware horizon interface to match your web identity or entirely new design based on your preference. Horizon HTML Access is a web based interface that provides user complete access to the Desktops and Applications delivered from VMware VDI. We can offer full branding over the VMware view page, HTML Access login page and HTML Access after logon pages. We not only can customize the design and look where we can also add our interesting features/utilities such as Announcements, Links, Twitter and more that can even enhance your interface better.

The VMware Workspace ONE is a web based interface which let’s both Administrators and Users to manage their resources in a single space. At Dart Innovations we can help you customize the complete VMware Workspace ONE including the Admin console to match your company brand identity. We can offer full-fledged customization on it like layout, colors, logo and everything on the web interface elements that make it personalize with your brand identities.

Ericom Connect is another powerful Remote Application and Desktop Access solution. Ericom Connect comes with a Web based portal called AccessPortal which presents all Desktops and Applications for users at one place. The AccessPortal also includes the AccessNow interface which is pure HTML5 based clientless access for published Desktops. Dart Innovations can offer full branding over the Ericom Connect AccessPortal interface including the AccessNow. Ericom Connect AccessNow is a flexible web framework where we can commit to offer full-fledged customization over its layout and include the custom features of your need such as Announcements, links etc.

Ericom AccessNow provides a new way to access Windows Applications and Desktops from the comfort of any HTML5-compatible browser. It leverages the advanced features of HTML5 to quickly and easily turn any HTML5-compatible browser or device into an enhanced RDP Client. Ericom AccesNow is almost a single page website which can be branded out with your company identities and with cool new design. Dart Innovations can completely make it personalized with your company’s brand elements. We also can include our Custom Features such as Announcements, Web links, Weather Widget, Twitter Integration and more.

Parallels (2X) RAS Portal is a web based interface for the Parallels (2X) RAS (another leading remote publishing product) that provides a solution for any organization seeking to reap the benefits of application/desktop virtualization. Dart Innovations can offer custom interface solution over the Parallels (2X) RAS web portal. We have deep insight with Parallels (2X) Remote Application server’s web portal framework hence we can provide you any level of interface customization not only the designs but also the custom features. We can apply your company branding on each screens of Parallels (2X) RAS Web Portal and make it more personalized for you.

The RAS HTML5 Gateway is an add-on web interface that comes with Parallels (2X) Remote Application Server which enables users to access their Remote Desktop and Applications without any clients/plug-ins installed in end user PC. Dart Innovations can offer full branding as well as advanced customization over the RAS HTML5 Gateway interface. Our design team can create the layouts matching with your web identities which can personalize your Parallels (2X) interfaces and can give your user a cool experience.

We can provide our best CIS solutions over F5 BIG-IP, Array XG, Apache Syncope, Symantec Endpoint Virtualization Suite (SEVS), Cameyo , Oracle Secure Global Desktop and more.Our CIS goal is ‘Customize Any App Any Interface’. Let us know if you don’t see a web app or web facing site on the list but you like to customize. We love to hear, learn and help you customize. We already have customized at least 20’s of different web app sites not in this list.

Don’t see an Interface on the list above? Don’t hesitate to ask us. The list above is just what our regular packages but we are not limited to it. We are always willing to hear about new things. Our concept is Customize Any App and Any Interface.

With all above custom interface products we just not experts on the HTML side or design side where we have great exposures on their SDKs, APIs and Web services (Whatever is available to communicate with their core App) too. This experience let’s us do any level of integration and provide you custom solutions not only on the interface designs but on the new features as well.

Our Custom Interface Package includes of

An Installation guide

Our installation guide is self-explanatory, simple to follow which helps you apply our customization quickly.

Free Installation Support

We provide free installation support using Remote Programs to all our Interface Customers.

90 days bug fix Warranty

After installation you have 90 days of time for bug fixing if any issues on our custom interfaces.

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