Ericom Connect AccessPortal

Custom branding for Ericom Connect AccessPortal

Ericom Connect is another powerful remote application and desktop access solution. The flexible scalability of Ericom Connect makes it an ideal solution for SMBs to larger enterprises across all industries. Ericom Connect is a hyper–scalable connection broker, providing secure, managed access to desktops, applications, and data – from any device, anywhere. Ericom Connect empowers by combining the benefits of advanced Grid technology and robust connection brokering, Connect offers high availability, super-scalability and enhanced performance.

Ericom Connect comes with a Web based portal called AccessPortal which presents all Desktops and Applications for users at one place. Web Portal also includes the AccessNow interface which is pure HTML5 client less access to published Desktops. Ericom Connect also comes with a web based administration tool where system administrators can not only publish the resources but analyze high level, immediate view of system health. It is really awesome that installation of Ericom Connect is very easy as like their earlier product called PowerTerm WebConnect.

Dart Innovations can offer full branding over the Ericom Connect AccessPortal web interface and Ericom AccessNow Interface. We can place your web identities on both logon and after logon pages. Full design customization is possible without any limitation. We can also customize Ericom Connect’s administration portal if needed. The Ericom Connect AccessPortal can also enhanced with the Custom Features such as Announcements, links, Downloads and lot more to improve the UX of your portal.

Look on our customized Ericom Connect AccessPortal to see what we can do for you.

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Click here if you would like to read more about Ericom AccessNow Interface.

As discussed above, we can offer advanced customization by placing some useful custom features on your Connect Application Portal interface. Here are some useful custom features we can offer with Ericom Connect Application Portal.

  • Announcement module
  • Web Links module
  • Microsoft Outlook Web App Integration
  • Any Email Integration (yahoo, gmail or any)
  • Calendar widget
  • SSO Connectors Widget
  • Displaying user’s Active Directory information
  • Client Information (IP, client’s ICA version and such)
  • Social widgets integration (Facebook, Twitter etc)
  • Show/Hide applications and folders based on AD global groups
  • Downloads module
  • Documents Module
  • Videos module
  • Remember me option
  • Login widget that you can embed in your website or anywhere for single sign-on (SSO)
  • And lot more

Our custom features such as Announcements, Web links, documents and other features bundle with an administration module called IAdmin which enables you to manage (post, edit, delete and order) the content from the back end. These are not only the features we can offer where we are interested to hear your new ideas and make them work for you as a custom feature.

Our Custom Ericom Connect Interface Package includes of

An Installation guide
Our installation guide is self-explanatory, simple to follow which helps you apply our customization quickly.
Free Installation Support
We provide free installation support using Remote Programs to all our Interface Customers.
90 days bug fix Warranty
After installation you have 90 days of time for bug fixing if any issues on our custom interfaces.