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DART firmly believes that the growth of a company purely depends on its team. Therefore, during recruitment our HR team always sees to it that the candidate is having good attitude and a varied passion so that he or she can adapt to the environment quickly. For DART attitude is first then skill set. Due to the strong recruitment policies DART is always associated with golden employees for whom we always feel proud and empowered.

Dart Innovations can be broadly split in to ten teams as follows:

User Interface (UI) Development Team
Quality Assurance
Research and Development (R&D)


Management comprises of the Founders and Directors who have more than decade experience in hard core programming languages and technologies. Apart from being Directors, they take care of business development. All the projects are managed through them and they play the client facing role. When time requires they also do the coding and designing roles as well. Apart from Directors, there are Project Managers who are the core members of the Management team. They handle the projects and report to Directors directly. Some of the regular projects are handled and directly reported to clients by them. This team also takes care of following Agile Methodology on all projects.

CMS developers

One of the pioneer services by Dart Innovations extends into customizing and developing Content Management Systems. We customize open source CMS and develop custom CMS from scratch. Our CMS development team with experience more than 13 years is one of top most teams in globe. Our multi skilled CMS developers can provide you solutions on the popular open source CMS and hosted solutions such as,

Our CMS development team can just not customize the interface where it can deliver your website/web app in world’s latest HTML and SEO standards. We just not specialized in customizing the CMS frameworks where we are very strong in developing a custom Content Management System from scratch.

Ecommerce development Team

Our Ecommerce team is not just experts on developing or customizing the Ecommerce websites where they can provide solutions for boosting the sales. They feel as sales people as because of the huge experience developing and maintaining the Ecommerce portal in varied industry types. Our Ecommerce team concentrates on the Search Engines Optimization during the development hence your marketing promotions are half done already. We are specialized in caching solutions with Ecommerce websites hence page speed is assured. Our team is specialized on various open source as well hosted ecommerce platforms and few of them are listed below.

User Interface (UI) Development Team

User Interface (UI) development is one of the core area of DART and this team handles all the interface developments and customization part. The team specialized on the technologies such as HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, JS frameworks, React, Angular, PHP, Python, ASP.net and more. We are proud enough to say that we are pioneers in Interface Customization for the Remote Application and Appliance web facing interfaces such as

Citrix XenApp Web Interface, StoreFront, NetScaler, and CloudPortal (CPSM)
Microsoft Remote Desktop Web Access and Outlook Web App
VMware Horizon View and Workspace portal
Parallels RAS Portal and Parallels RAS HTML5 Access
Thinfinity VirtualUI and RDS
Ericom Connect AccessPortal and AccessNow

Our UI team is also specialized in customizing various management frameworks like CRM, ERP, Timesheet management, Billing Portals. Our Interface Customization team aims at “Customize Any App and Any Interface”.

Apart from the customization the core skill involves is developing creative user interfaces with all modern technologies such as Angular, React, Node JS, Vue JS, other JS frameworks, AJAX and more. Finally our UI team is most experience on HTML, CSS, JS and other interactive web languages which help our clients to achieve the most elegant and modern-standard user interface on their applications front.

Custom Web Application Development

This team is responsible for developing web applications for different platforms. DART believes in developing complex applications using a simple solution by breaking up the project in granular modules and tasks in a plug n play manner. By doing this any part of the application can be changed or modified at any point of time without touching the actual code base.

We always consider future enhancements in mind while developing an application which enables us to do the enhancements at ease with minimal cost and time effective manner.

In order to achieve this process we follow:
Different standards
Best Programming practices
Structured Frameworks
Object Oriented approach
Coding guidelines
Agile Methodology

Our team have User Interface(UI) and User Experience(UX) experts who know tits and bits of Responsive Web Design(RWD) and they are moreover Responsive Web Design Experts. No matter how complex the design may be, we have the capability to make it responsive so that end user has optimal viewing experience across all devices.

At DART, although team is well experienced with native core languages like PHP/MySQL and .NET/MSSQL. We do discuss with the clients during the initial stage to select an appropriate proven frameworks based on the requirement to ease the development process.

Our web team specializes in many Web Application Frameworks such as,
  • Laravel
  • Symfony
  • CodeIgniter
  • Spring Boot
  • Django
  • .net Entity
Our team possesses expert knowledge in below server side languages
  • PHP
  • Python
  • Java
  • ASP.Net
  • Node JS
  • Ruby on Rails
DART is specialized in various client side languages such as,
  • React and React Native
  • Angular JS
  • Vue JS
  • HTML5 and Javascript
  • Jquery and AJAX
We have expertise in various CMS Frameworks such as,
  • Joomla, WordPress, Expression Engine, Moodle LMS
  • Adobe Experience Manager
  • DotNetNuke, BlogEngine.NET
  • Magento Commerce, WooCommerce, Prestashop, Open Cart,           Shopify and more..

Rich Media Developers

The Rich Media Developers team that plays with all the soft assets involved in a computer device like text, image, audio and video. We have Adobe Flash/Flex/ActionScript experts and HTML5 with JavaScript frameworks experts who bring life to applications with their in-depth knowledge. We have people with more than decade experience in these areas. We are one of the pioneers in developing Rich Internet Applications. For more information on RIAs, please read our blog “Rich Internet Applications, a glance”

We use collaborative technologies to bring out best possible solution for a complex application.

After the discussion with client requirements, the backend and front end technologies are decided. For instance, we use Flash/Flex/ActionScript or HTML5/AJAX/JS/React/Angular/Flutter in front end and PHP/MySQL at the backend.

After the emergence of HTML5 and modern browsers supporting the latest changes. We started using HTML5 as well for developing web and mobile apps. With our HTML5 experts, we have developed numerous web and mobile apps so far. We have in-depth expertise in Flash to HTML5 conversion. No matter how complex the Flash version may be. Our team will convert it to HTML5 with ease.

This team is involved in developing:
Rich Internet Applications
2D/3D Games
Interactive web/mobile apps
Interactive presentations
Interactive eLearning Simulations
Flash to HTML5 Conversion

Mobile Application/Games Development

DART believes that Mobiles are part of our day to day life and its useful apps and games will keep the user productive and engaging. That is the reason DART is in to Mobile industry from the time when the Smart phones started entering the market and developer accounts are provided from owners of iOS and Android. Windows phone came late but we are in to that too.

Our team comprises of different experts :
iOS Experts

They have expertise in iOS Core native language XCode, Objective C & Cocoa and use the MAC environment to develop native iOS apps.

Android Experts

We use Android native language JAVA in Android Native Development Kit to develop Android native apps.

Apart from these

We use modern technologies such as React Native, Flutter, Godot, HTML5 to build cross-platform mobile apps.

Flash to HTML5 Conversion

DART is one of the first companies to set a dedicated team of experts on Flash to HTML5 conversion. As we know the need of Mobile ready we started our R & Ds on early 2014 itself. That helps us to set strong team on Flash to HTML5 conversion solutions. Our team has expertise on both Flash Actionscript and Javascript/HTML5 which helps us to stay on top in Flash to HTML5 conversion.

We have already converted

Creative Studio

This team is the heart of all other teams. Yes, they play a vital role in every project and work with all other teams on design, graphics and animation.

DART believes in the fact that “First Impression is the Best Impression”. So, we take utmost care in design part and make sure client is satisfied. This team is full of creative skills and all of them are alumni from prestigious Fine Arts Colleges.

We use all the latest design and animation software available like:

Adobe Photoshop

Quality Assurance(QA)

Software Quality Assurance is something DART always takes care in each project. It is common that a product delivered without proper quality testing is a raw one and leads to many consequences at later stage and thus the finished product becomes a failure.

Hence, DART follows various methodologies to make sure Quality Assurance is done on every project before delivering it.

In order to have proper QA, DART follows simplified process :
Requirement management
Software Development Methodology
Configuration Management
Project Management

Software Design/Development
A bug free product delivered is the product professionally accomplished. DART believes in that and to make that happen we follow few of the testing methods:
Unit Testing

This method is also known as Developer Level testing. Here, the developer test the applications during the development process itself. Each and every module is self tested to avoid more issues at later stage. It is responsible of every developer to take care of testing his/her own work to make it more reliable and fool proof.

Black Box Testing

This testing is carried out by testing professionals that have no technical knowledge. They do a Behavioral Testing on projects to make sure that application behaves as desired. Tests are based on requirements and functionalities. This is done throughout the Software Development and Testing Life cycle.

White Box Testing

This testing is carried out by testing professionals that have no technical knowledge. They do a Behavioral Testing on projects to make sure that application behaves as desired. Tests are based on requirements and functionalities. This is done throughout the Software Development and Testing Life cycle.

Data Flow Testing(DFT)

This testing is used to track specific variables through each possible calculations and makes sure each variable and path is used as expected. This approach tends to identify the unused variables, paths and so on.

End-to-End Testing

DART starts using this method as soon as the application reaches Alpha stage. It involves testing of the complete application environment in a situation that mimics the end deployed application for real users. This is carried out on different phases of the project to avoid end deployment hassles.

Research & Development(R&D)

DART firmly believes that in order to compete in the modern competitive world, we need to have R&D people. This comprises of tech savvy people who are responsible for:

Analyzing new technologies
Creating prototypes from new technologies or features
Knowledge sharing with other teams
Effort analysis

Based on the R&D’s analysis and study, DART decides whether or not to get in to any new technology. This helps us in forming team and recruitment process.

Hire Dedicated Resources

Dart has an excellent solution on the Dedicated Resource Model which gives you complete control over human and technical resources involved into the development process. With our flexible engagement models and complete project evaluation, we ensure to allocate best resources that suits on your need. We are a strong team with React Developers, Angular, PHP, Python, Node JS, .Net Developers, Open Source Experts, ActionScript developers, UI developers and all you need. Read More

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