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Converting Flash SWF files to pure Mobile friendly HTML5 framework

Adobe Flash-Flex-ActionScript and HTML-JavaScript-CSS based development were the 2 major approaches in developing front end for any web based application over the years. Flash has various limitations on Mobile devices and emergence of HTML5 started to happen rapidly. Since HTML5 has ability to support multi-media (audio,video,animations) contents and to satisfy the greater usability demands of varying screen dimensions of mobile and desktop devices. Many companies have started to use HTML5 for the front end development of new web applications and many have started to migrate or upgrade their existing content from Flash (or plain HTML) to HTML5.

The main advantage of HTML5 is its portability and adaptability across devices and platforms. We just need to create one responsive website and it will get rendered based on the screen dimension of the target device. In modern terms, it is known as Responsive Web Designs(RWD). There are no more head-aches of developing and maintaining 2 different websites for desktop and mobile.

Over the years, thousands and thousands hours of Flash content were created by various corporate in various industries like eLearning, Educational institutions, Marketing and many more. These Flash contents can be displayed properly only on Desktop browsers and it fails in Mobile devices. Infact the modern browsers even on Desktops started blocking the Flash players due to security vulnerabilities. So, companies are converting the Flash content to HTML5 so that they can attract wide range of audience.

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Why HTML5?

HTML5 is the best alternate to Flash Player as HTML5 has the native ability to perform well in low battery powered devices. HTML5 has revolutionized the way HTML content is presented due to its various advanced features like support of Audio, Video, Canvas, SVG and many more.

Few Advantages of HTML5

HTML5 is compatible with all modern browsers across devices
HTML5 performs without any browser plug-in
HTML5 supports Responsive Web Design (RWD)
HTML5 renders graphic content similar to Flash
HTML5 output is light-weight and consumes less memory
Built-in Support for rich media elements

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Flash to HTML5 Migration Process

At DART as a best HTML5 conversion company, we shall get the existing Flash content from client and then use a suitable Flash To HTML framework to re-structure and re-organize the Flash content to make it HTML5 compatible. This speeds up the conversion process to new HTML5 content and makes developer life easy. The converted content in HTML5 will retain everything from Flash like its look & feel, richness, graphics and all.

The new converted HTML5 content will be satisfying the greater usability demands of different screen dimensions of mobile devices and desktops. HTML5 contents can be made light weight to support even low end mobile devices and it will only consume optimal device resources. Our Flash to HTML5 conversion process and methods makes sure that required standard is followed and the new content gets rendered as per the requirement properly.

Our HTML5 conversion services an overview

Flex to HTML5 conversion

Actionscript to JavaScript (AS to JS) conversion

Flash design to HTML5 design conversion

Flash animation to HTML5 animation

HTML5 developments

Flash to HTML5 Videos (M4V, MP4, OGG etc)

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Flash to HTML5 Demos

Visit our demos on Flash to HTML5 conversion on games, e-learning courses, E-cards and others. However you can get the personalized Flash to HTML5 conversion demo or Free POC upon the discussion >>.

Why DART for your Flash to HTML5 conversion requirement

As far as Adobe Flash/Flex/Actionscript are concerned, DART is one of the leaders and have been providing Flash based services from the very early version of Flash. With the rich experience we possess in Flash based technologies, our web application development experts have in-depth knowledge in both Flash and HTML5 (HTML, JS & CSS) technologies. Since, Our Flash to HTML5 conversion developers are experts in both Flash and HTML5 technologies hence Flash to HTML5 conversion is not a big deal for us. We can convert your Flash content without any variation hence your users feel the same experience they had with Flash player. Whether your content is designed for apps, e-books, games or websites our Flash-to-HTML5 conversion service can help in enhancing the visual impact of your content.

As a pioneer in converting legacy Flash content to mobile friendly HTML5 framework we proudly announce that we have successfully converted –

“Thousands of Flash eLearning modules”

“Hundreds of Flash based complex games”

Manual Process hence accuracy is assured
Performance Assurance(From low end devices)
Expert team on both Flash and HTML5 technologies
Free Estimation and POC
In-house team. No outsourcing even the quantity is ton
24/7 Support(The support that you might not have experienced ever before)

If you have any Flash content that needs to be converted to HTML5 then you are in the safer hands at best Flash to HTML5 conversion company.
Contact Us now and our Flash to HTML5 conversion team will take care of the rest.

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