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Flash will completely be removed from Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer by end of 2020

“In the next version of Microsoft Edge (built on Chromium), we will continue to retire Flash in the same timeframe as other Chromium based browsers. Flash will initially be disabled, and the user will need to re-enable Flash on a site-by-site basis; Flash will be completely removed from the browser towards the end of 2020.” –Microsoft Announced. Read more on Microsoft Edge Blog.

It is just not the fact that Microsoft IE and Edge will remove Flash where all browsers will completely remove Flash by 31st December 2020. The chrome and Firefox are other most popular browsers already started blocking Flash content as much as possible. They are still allowing Flash content after couple of good warning messages. It is very obvious that content rich industries will be affected much as Flash is vanishing. But it is fact that we need to accept and remove Flash dependency on our content delivered on browsers.

The trend reveals that sites are migrating to open web technologies, which are faster and more power-efficient than Flash. They’re also more secure, so you can be safer while shopping, banking, or reading sensitive documents. They also work on both mobile and desktop, so you can visit your favorite site anywhere. So the optimal way for e-learning and game development companies are to accept the fact and plan on converting your legacy flash content to HTML5.

The multi-media and content development experts say, neglecting to convert Flash to HTML5 will have implications for a number of industries. Education and e-learning will experience a significant technical debt from this decision. With the majority of e-learning content delivered via browser, 2020 becomes a firm date to move any flash animation or course content to another platform. Flash to HTML5 conversion is currently the fastest and most cost effective way to update any e-learning courses that you have.

Thinking much is not good at this situation instead you need to move on to action plan. As everyone knows converting HTML5 is the only way now the option is how to do. Of course you need to invest once again for the creation of same content but think of the advantage that your content will played on mobile, gadgets and other smart device browsers. So it is worth of investing but can think on the ways to optimize the cost. Of course recreating is a bad idea while you need to choose a closer technology/strategy on converting your legacy Flash content to HTML5.

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