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A solution to view Flash Content in Firefox after 12 Jan 2021

We have been using Flash player with lot of alerts and warning in the past few years as all browsers were dropping support to Flash player. And finally the player is vanished. At no browser we can run the Flash player or there is no way to view your Flash content. We now get an information window which by clicking leads to EOL page of Adobe Flash player. This happened suddenly

There are publishers and website owners they have already converted their content into HTML5 from Flash but still there are few they haven’t yet. In this situation you may at least need to view Flash content in your own browser to plan your conversion project. Here is what that we come across that worked for our development team. As a development team who has helped more than 100 clients for converting the Flash content to HTML5 and still working with much Flash to HTML5 projects we need such solution to view and test our clients’ Flash content yet. We finally find this way which may work out for you.

  1. Go to your Programs and uninstall your previous version of Flash Player.
  2. Now go to the below URL and download old version of Flash player. At least 10.x or lower.
  3. Now you need to add 2 host records in your host file.
    1. 3.1. Go to C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc
    2. 3.2. Edit the file called hosts in your notepad or so.
    3. Add below records to your hosts file.
      2. *
  1. Now Install the new player you have just downloaded.
  2. Open your Firefox and clear all your browser cache.
  3. Now load your Flash website or game or other flash content.
  4. You will be appeared with the Flash player. Be careful that you never should use the “Check for Updates”
  1. Use ‘Run Adobe Flash’ and enjoy your legacy Flash content.

Note: This is not a solution that you can force all your users to do. So this is something you can manage or view your own Flash content temporarily. So think about converting your Flash Content in an intensive way if you are a game/e-learning publisher or website owner

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