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Getting started with Product Keys Delivery plugin for Magento 2


Thank you for purchasing Dart’s Product Keys Delivery plugin for Magento 2. This guide will help you getting started with your Product Keys Delivery feature quick.


Installation is just similar like any other Magento 2 extension. You can do it via composer as well manual using FTP and command line.

General Configuration

Click Dart then Configuration from the side bar. You will land into configuration page.

Issue When Invoiced:

Yes/No (Setting Yes will send the key upon invoice)

Product Key Type:

Setting a value here will be sent as title of key (Ex: Product Key, License Code etc)

Not Available Message:

The message here will appear to user after successful checkout if a key is not available for that product.

Send Customer Email:

Yes/No (Yes, will deliver key by email)

Delivery Email Template:

You can select an email template here to use for Product Keys Delivery.

Send Low warning Email:

Yes/No (Yes will send administrator an email saying the key pool is low on stock)

Low Warning Level:

Set the value here so when the key pool is lower than this value will consider as lower stock and the notification will be sent to administrator. This prevents you from key pools going out of stock.

Email Low Warning To:

Set an administrator email here which will receive your key pool low warning notifications.\

Adding Key(s)

Click Dart then Product Keys List from the side bar. You will see the grid with existing keys list (if any).

You can see the status as used which are meant as used with an order. You can also see the order id on grid. You can edit as well delete the keys on this grid.

Now click Add New Key, you will land into a page where you can enter new key(s).

Place a Key Pool Name or enter the SKU of the product you want to assign the key. Entering SKU will directly assign the key to that product where if you enter a pool name you have to map it on the product page.
You can enter single key or multiple keys by entering into new lines.

Mapping Key Pool to a product

You can map a key pool to single product or share against multiple products.
Go to Catalog >> Products and then edit a product you want to assign the key pool.
Scroll down and click on the Tab Product Keys

You can assign the Key Pool Name and the keys on that pool will be used for delivery. If you want to assign the same Key Pool to other product(s), repeat the steps.

The ‘Overwrite General Configuration’ will help you assign specific configuration for the product.

Visit here >> to know more and download Product Keys Delivery plugin for Magento 2.

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