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Joomla – an overview

Joomla – an overview

Joomla is an amazing open source content management system (CMS), which is most popularly used for developing websites and web based applications. Joomla is an easy to use CMS hence website owners can manage their content effectively. 

Joomla is written in PHP with Mysql backend. It uses pure MVC framework which is well written and renders a standard XHTML framework hence it is SEO friendly by nature. However it is all in hands of developers to design optimized themes for better visibility on web. With Joomla we can easily enable Search Engine Friendly URLs (SEF) which is most important in modern web 2.0 trends.

Some of the domain examples that Joomla can be used
  • Individual portfolio websites.
  • Social networking portals.
  • Restricted Member access portal
  • Corporate websites and portals.
  • Entertainment site
  • News and Magazines publication portals
  • Ecommerce with added plug-ins

Advantages with joomla

By nature Joomla is CMS which can be shaped as an e-commerce, social networking, online reservation or other web enabled portal by adding some extensions from the community. Integrating a component such as Virtue mart can bring your Joomla site equivalent to other shopping cart platforms; in fact it is more in other words. Most extensions are free!!!

Some of the advantages
  • Templates based system where you can switch over the template/theme without losing any content.
  • Module positioning system which enables to change the layout from backend by clicks.
  • Adding extensions (modules/plug-ins and components) can do a lot.
  • SEO friendly.
  • Easy to install and migrate.

Dart Innovations and Joomla

As one of the expert teams with Joomla Dart Innovations can offer best solutions in Joomla platform. We design, develop and implement the sites in robust time schedule. Our team has strong background with PHP hence we can develop/enhance any custom components or complex applications to fit your needs.

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