Mouse Trap Game – Flash to HTML5

Mouse Trap Flash Game converted to HTML5

Converted HTML 5 Version

Original SWF Version

Note: Sorry unfortunately the Original SWF version can’t be displayed here due to browser ban. If you want to look we can arrange a private demo and showcase it on a standalone player.

Mouse Trap is a Flash based game developed by DART few years ago. This game also available in Android and IOS as a mobile native game. Previously it was made as Adobe AIR based game for mobile devices. Now we have converted this game into pure HTML5 where the same HTML5 version of game has been packed for IOS and Android native games as well. You can watch out the Flash version and HTML5 version to see the quality of our conversion. We haven’t missed even a percentage where the HTML5 version can be felt even smoother than Flash version. Both the Flash version and HTML5 version of games are made by us for demo purpose.

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