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Success and growth of a business depends on its ROI (returns on investments) and profitability. One of the powerful medium to grown your business is web and of course there are many business they are web based. Either your business is web based or not you must be having a web identity to attract or provide information to your customers. Using power of web is one of the wise decisions for any business.

Any business that depends on growth using Web is purely depends how your site ranked on the search results. A common user usually browses the web by indexing through a search engine (Google, yahoo, msn or other search engines.) That means search engines are the home to introduce most business in web either that is service based or products based. Hence making your website ranked in search engine can empower your business but that is not an easy job to do.

Nobody is sure and can guarantee that they can bring your website to the no1 in google or any other SE. It is not a easy thing to understand how search engines algorithms are written. There is various complex process and practices should need to be done for the SEO where heart of SEO lays with the content your website presents. Yes, it is majorly depends what information your site has and how that is presented.
Here are some best practices that can improve your search rankings.

SEO Apart from the content

Best Keywords.
Optimized web design.
Optimized HTML which can easily crawled by search spiders.
Legible Site map.
Site map submission with search engines which helps to index your pages easily.
SEF (Search Engine Friendly URLs)
Utilize power of Social sharing sites
SEM (Search Engine Marketing)
Having a blog
Using webmaster tools like google analytics to watch your keywords/page results and improve them.

*** There is no paid service with any search engines to include your sites in top of their results.

Tips to present your content for SEO

  1. Firstly see your content is informative to your targeted audience.
  2. Study your industry and think about how users search your products/services. Write the content based on that. Your content must talk about their possible needs.
  3. Use possible keywords that can be used to search in too many times within your content/pages.
  4. Link to other pages/content blocks wherever is possible. (Links are given top priority).
  5. Use text as much as possible instead of images.
  6. If you use images then remember to provide information about images such as alt, title tags.
  7. If you use Rich media content such as flash then there are tips to place alternate content for them, remember to use them efficiently.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search Engine Marketing is simply internet marketing that can promote your websites by increasing the visibility in search engines. Invest a little on SEM when it is necessary. Especially when you have a huge competition in your industry then you must think about using the power of SEM. The largest SEM vendors are Google AdWords, Yahoo! Search Marketing and Microsoft adCenter.

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