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Tips that can boost up your online Ecommerce sales

Search Engine Optimization 

The most important step is to make sure your ecommerce website is optimized well for search engine optimization. Do all possible SEO best practices such as providing best titles, keywords, descriptions and search engine friendly URLs. Your site speed is very important not only to attract your visitors but increase the search engines crawling rates. Use all caching solutions as best as possible to speed up your site loading. Best product description can increase your search engine visibility. Avoid search engines to rank negative by visiting duplicate pages, use canonical tag to handle this. Make your product URLs to speak about it. Getting up on organic search results is most important to boost up your online sales.

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Abandoned Carts Follow ups

Reducing the rate of Abandoned Carts is too important. Abandoned Cart is something that meant your customer went till checkout but not completed the order. Which means the customer is already interested with your products but left without buying for some reasons? So by following up those customers can convert into more sales. Reminder emails is the solution to convert these Abandoned Carts into sales. Generally we advise for 3 follow up emails to our customer. The first one in next day, 2nd one in a week (or in 3 days) and 3rd one after a month is good interval to set it up. We have a great analysis over the Abandoned Cart Follow-ups which converts 50-80% of Abandoned Carts into sales.

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Implement Upsell and Cross sell

The upsell and cross-sell are greater techniques to promote your products.Upselling is the practice of encouraging customers to purchase a comparable higher-end product than the one in question, while cross-selling invites customers to buy related or complementary items. In general both looks same but actually different. The upsell technique helps you to promote a high-end product within the product that customer looking for (Ex: while customer is looking at low price laptop, you can promote a high-end laptop). The cross sell helps you to sell more products within an order. For example when a customer purchases a mobile phone, you stimulate him to purchase mobile accessories such as head set, SD card etc. So upsell and cross sell increases your order value and thus boost up your revenue.

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Email Campaigns

Normally all merchants collect the email address and other customer details regularly. Order form and Newsletter subscription form are generally used sources for collecting emails. You may collect from various sources too. But just collecting these details are not enough, utilized it by sending promotional emails. Your customers won’t hurt it all time. Everybody wants to feel special and everybody loves a good deal. So keep send your product offerings such as special prices, new product arrivals, discounts, coupon codes and more. Seasonal greetings such as festival greeting, birthday wishes are other occasions which your customer respects. So setup automated email campaigns for these. Product tips and product education are other ideas to send out via email for customers after purchase. They love it and keep touch with your ecommerce store. This leads to some repeated sales.

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Utilize the power of Social Networking Portals

Social networks are actually an effective way for ecommerce store owners to reach out to fresh new customers, engage with existing ones, and exhibit the best of your branding abilities. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and even LinkedIn, are now some big household names. Integrate and promote your ecommerce content with all these platform. Facebook has a platform also to sell directly on Facebook. So create a facebook store which is easy to setup. Frequently share your news, events, blogs, product information and highlight the best, the amazing, the finest, of your brand which can greatly impact in traffic to your online store. Social media can be a way to generate ecommerce sales but consider it more to be a way to inform your customers about your products.

Wish-list Reminder Emails

Like Abandoned Cart Emails, Wish-list Reminder Emails is another technique which helps you to boost up your sales. The people interested with your products usually add them into their wish list for future shopping and for some reasons they never come back to purchase. But reminding them can get them converted into sales. Setup a period of (ex: 1 week) wish list reminder trigger and if the customer is not purchased within that period then send out an email. You may also provide wish list based offers and discounts which is another technique to get them back. The important part is to automate this wish-list reminder system. You may set up a couple of reminders per wish list which is usually great and your customers won’t hurt it. It is also important that your wish list system tracks the statistics and you analyze them periodically. Creating an attractive templates and periodical changes for Wish List emails are very imperative.

Integrate products Review system

The product rating and review system is a greater way where you can make your customers to promote your product. Generating more product reviews is very important. And make sure they are all positive reviews, you might handle it. Product reviews is a greater system to promote especially the individual products. In most cases reviewers are not volunteers where you need to push them to do. So implement a system that pops-up after order completion that asks for the rating. Make a follow up email and stimulate them to leave review after successful orders. You may also make this email after few days so the customers used the product and satisfied already. The customers generally trust other customer reviews than the words from manufactures or suppliers. So get it automated and make it favor of you by watching and filtering on regular basis.

Improve Your Ad Spending

The Digital advertising is most important to any business especially those who are online sales. There are lot of digital channels including google adwords to place your advertisement. The google adwords is a no 1 digital online advertisement channel for anyone that sells genuine. Simple spending on these online advertisement platforms can increase your ROI. Also these channels provide lot of tools to analyze your customer base, interests and conversion tracking which by utilizing properly can boost up your sales. Cross-device recognition is crucial, but retail marketers must also focus on reaching customers with devices, so make sure your advertisement platform supports it. You can improve your ROI by taking regular Measurement and Optimization.

Mobile ready

Due to the increased mobile and device usage it is now very important that your ecommerce is optimized for mobile devices. There are 2 choices to get your website visible on mobile devices, one is to build a separate mobile website and another one is to make your ecommerce site as responsive one. The 2nd choice is mostly preferred due to the ease of managing content. Also your search engine visibility is based on the visits hence 2 separate websites may not be useful in this case. Hence go for a fully responsive website and make sure your website well optimized and works perfectly till the checkout. If possible and necessary build a Mobile Native App and insist your users to use them. Always make sure your content is legible on mobile devices as like they look in computers.

Better Product Displays

Having better product Displays is a key point of boosting your sales. Make sure you have displayed all best details that your customer might be looking for. Not just details but the presentation of these details should be very clear. Add as much images to illustrate your product. If possible add videos to demonstrate. Your product page must have all info so you are not allowing your users to have another google search for getting some info. Having best product info not only boost your sales but also avoid many problems that can occur on online sales. Provide a best user experience by providing choice selection and configuration options wherever it requires. Make sure you have very clear info on price, shipping options, shipping charges and return management details on product pages which increases the trust of your customers.

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