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FAQ: Flash To HTML5 conversion services

What is Flash to HTML5 conversion service?

It is the service to convert Flash content that depends on Flash Player plug-in to get displayed in any browser. These Flash contents can be converted to HTML5 which is independent of browser plug-in and mobile friendly as well. More info can be found from Flash to HTML5 conversion services

For whom, this service is meant for?

This is very useful for those who have Flash based content like Flash sites, games, apps, eLearning objects, Flash banners and whatever content that needs Flash player to deliver content over internet.

Why should I convert Flash content to HTML5?

One can increase the customer reach and in turn increase the business revenue as HTML5 version can be displayed across devices independent of plug-in and it is mobile friendly as well.

Will the converted HTML5 version content be Mobile friendly?

Yes, the converted HTML5 version will be Mobile friendly and responsive to various Mobile screen dimensions. We give utmost importance to that and make sure it works across the latest mobile browsers.

Is Flash to HTML5 the need of the hour?

Yes if one wants to increase their customer reach and do not want to lose the Mobile audience. According to recent survey, Smart Phone users that use internet are exponentially increasing. In order to reach these Mobile users, Flash to HTML5 is need of the hour.

Will converting Flash content to HTML5 give some boost to my business?

Yes definitely. Flash player can deliver content properly to desktop PCs only. So, the mobile users cannot view the Flash content. Whereas HTML5 version gets displayed in both PCs and Mobile and one need not worry about any customer not able to view the content.

What about automatic conversion tools? Are they reliable?

Some tools claim they have the automatic feature. This is possible for only small SWF files where there are no interactions. However, manual intervention needs to be there at some point of time to make the converted HTML5 version work properly.

Is manual conversion process obvious than automatic one?

Yes of course. There is no proper automatic tool or method to convert existing Flash content to HTML5. Automatic conversion can only get the graphics from Flash to HTML5 and ActionScript codes are not converted to compatible JavaScript. Even Flash graphics that makes use of Flash’s native features like Filters, Tweens, etc will not be converted. One need to work on that manually to bring the same look and feel in HTML5 version. Manual conversion is the best to avoid functionality, graphics and performance issues.

I have a complex Flash app/game. Can that be converted to HTML5?

Yes. No matter how complex the Flash app or game may be. It can be converted to HTML5.

I have a Flash app/game developed using MVC architecture. Can that be converted to HTML5?

Yes. No matter in what architecture or framework the Flash content is developed. We have the expertise to convert it to equivalent HTML5 version.

I have a big interactive story with lots of animations and sounds developed for kids in Flash. Can that be converted?

Yes. Big lengthy animations with huge graphics can be converted to HTML5. We need to optimize the graphics, animations & sounds for HTML5 version so that it won’t consume too much of Mobile resources.

Can Adobe Flex apps that uses MXML architecture be converted to HTML5?

Yes. Rather than conversion it would need to be recreated in HTML5/CSS3 to bring the same look and feel as in Flex app. In general, Flex to HTML5 takes more time compared to Flash to HTML5.

What about the performance of HTML5 version? Does DART takes care of this?

DART makes sure that it has an eye on the performance right from the beginning of the conversion process. We optimize all the images, animations and sounds so that there is no memory leak in Mobile devices. At the end, the converted HTML5 version will have optimal performance similar to its counterpart Flash version.

Will the final HTML5 content be similar to original Flash?

Yes. We make sure there is no difference. To trust our service, please visit Flash to HTML5 demo where there is actual SWF and its equivalent converted HTML5 version as well so that one can compare. One can hardly find any differences between Flash and HTML5 content.

What tools are used by DART for Flash to HTML5 conversion?

Although there are many third party tools available for conversion. We mostly use Flash CC, Edge Animate. In some cases, we recreate the Flash content in pure HTML5/CSS3.

What about time and cost for conversion service?

It mainly depends on how the Flash file is developed. There are many factors involved.
If it is created in old Flash versions like AS1 or AS2 then there will be more effort.
If it is complex app/game developed using any architecture or framework then it will take more time.
For a Flex app, it needs to be recreated in HTML5/CSS3.
Due to all these, we don’t have any generic time and cost for conversion process. We usually ask for the Flash/Flex source files for review and then provide quote based on that.

What is the development/conversion progress updates? How is that handled by DART?

Our policy is to make sure to have regular communication with the client. Once the development is started, we provide periodic progress updates so that client can review the work and monitor what is going on. Also, we don’t wait for the complete delivery of product to get reviews and feedbacks from client. The client can provide feedbacks during the course of development so that it can be implemented at an earlier stage itself instead of waiting for end result. This makes the process simple and reduces time taken for final deliverables.

Is there any warranty applicable?

Our policy is to deliver a complete product after multiple in-house reviews and feedbacks from client. There is 3 Months warranty for any unexpected issues that arise after complete delivery.

What do I need to do to convert my Flash content to mobile friendly?

Very simple. Just Contact Us and we will take care of the rest. You will be in the safe hands of DART.

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