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FAQ: VMware Horizon View Customization

What are web interfaces you can customize with VMware Horizon?
What are VMware Horizon Versions you customize?

We customize from the initial version of VMware Horizon (5.2) to the latest version (6.0)

Can you customize VMware view portal (the old version of Horizon)?

Yes, we customize the old version of VMware view portal. We can customize from 4.6 to the latest Horizon view.

Do you offer advanced customizations on VMware horizon interfaces?

No, right now we only provide design and branding customization.

How long it takes to Customize VMware Horizon Interfaces?

It takes 3 weeks in general to customize all 3 interfaces. 1 week for design and 2 weeks for implementation. If you are not customizing all 3 interfaces then it takes even less time.

Can the Custom VMware Horizon Interfaces be installed on multiple servers?

Our Custom Branded VMware Horizon Interfaces can be installed on unlimited instances/sites/servers.

Your Custom VMware Horizon packages are version specific?

Yes, our custom VMware Horizon Interfaces are version specific.

What is the installation process of your Custom VMware Horizon Interfaces?

We provide set of files in a zipped pack with an installation guide. It is quite easy to follow the steps and implement our custom themes in your server within few minutes. You can seek our free remote installation assistance as well.

Do you offer any bug fix warranty for your Custom VMware Horizon Interfaces?

Yes, a 90 days of bug fix warranty will be offered with our Custom Horizon Interfaces.

If you have other questions not listed above then don’t hesitate to ask us using our contact form.

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