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FAQ: Custom Interfaces – General

What is your Bug Fix Warranty?

Dart Innovations provides 90 days of bug fix warranty from the day you have installed our custom interface.

Do your custom interfaces are version specific?

Yes, our custom interfaces are version specific. The right version details has to be provided by client at time of project start up.

Do you offer ongoing support?

Yes, our 24/7 support team is ready to help customers any time. There is no ongoing maintenance fee. The support charges are based on your requirement. It is estimated based on the hours of work and calculated with our fixed hourly rate.

What is Advanced Customization?

Advanced Customization is something what we can do more than the default interface features. For example you may want to enhance your defatult Citrix StoreFront interface to have some useful features such as announcements, Web Links, a page to download documents or integrate your OWA which we say as advanced customization. You can look here to see some generic and useful Custom Features which we recommend to our cusotmers. However you can always tell us your specific needs which we can convert as features.

Is Advanced Customization possible with all interfaces?

In most cases it is YES. For example Citrix StoreFront, Citrix Web Interface, RD Web Access, 2X Web Portal etc. But with few interfaces it is not possible. For example NetScaler Logon pages which is appliance based where we can’t run our custom server scripts. However the branding level or design level interface customization is possible with any application that may be a web server based or appliance or whatever it is.

What is Remote Install Assistance?

We provide assistance via web based remote programs such as gotomeeting, webex etc during the custom interface installs. Our engineers work with you/your administrators during the installation. Remote install assistance is a support program that we offer at free of cost to our interface customers. Others who like to get our assistance on any other aspects can contact us via the Pro Support.

Do we need to share our network/system secure credentials for Remote Install Assistance?

Usually No. We never ask your credentials unless in specific/critical situation. However in such a situation you can create some temporary passwords for us to use for installation purpose. Generally we ask you to login to the systems (IW: SQL Database) and then we proceed our work while you monitoring everything.

Do you provide customization to our specific needs?

Yes, we love to hear your needs and see the new challenges. We analyze your needs and discuss the possibilities. If your need is something realistic then we are sure we can offer you that customization. The cost estimation will be provided for your approval which is purely depends on the hours of work we estimate to consume.

Can we install your Custom Branded Interface in multiple servers/instances/websites?

Yes, it is yours. You only pay us for one interface and it is your own choice to install in any number of servers/instances/websites.

What is your Payment Policy?

Dart Innovations requires 30% in advance to begin a project. The balance can be paid upon the project completion. The mode of payments are detailed below.

What are the mode of payments?

Bank Cheque
Wire Transfer – The wire Transfer fee has to be borne by the client.
Paypal – 5% in addition has to be added by client.

If you have other questions not listed above then don’t hesitate to ask us using our contact form.

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