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FAQ: Citrix NetScaler Customization

What are the Customization you can offer with Citrix NetScaler Access Gateway?
  • Custom NetScaler Logon pages

  • Custom NetScaler Portal page

  • Custom Web Interface 5.4 on NetSacler

What are the of Citrix NetScaler versions you can customize?

We can customize all versions of NetScaler that starts from 7.0 to the latest 10.5 versions.

How long a Citrix NetScaler Access Gateway interface customization takes?

For NetScaler logon pages and portal we need 1 week of time for design then 3 days to implement the design in NetScaler Access Gateway logon pages interface. For Web Interface on NetScaler we need 1 week for design and 1 week for customization.

Can your Custom NetScaler Interface installed in multiple appliances?

Yes, the choice is yours. You can place our Custom NetScaler Interface over unlimited number of appliances.

Do we lose Custom Interface on Appliance Reboot? If so, How to maintain Custom NetScaler Interface persistence over the appliance reboots?

Yes, the appliance by default turns out your interface to default one. To maintain the custom interface persistence on NetScaler appliance reboots you need to follow some additional steps when porting the custom interface on your appliance. Our Install guide usually have steps to do this. We can assist on remote as well. However here is our blog which talks about maintaining custom Interface on NetScaler persistence over the reboots.

Do you offer advanced customization such as Custom Features for NetScaler Access Gateway?

Yes, it is possible to bring all features we do for StoreFront or Citrix Web Interface to the NetScaler Login page. Announcements, links and Twitter are most common features that our customers usually ask for. However it is just simply possible to bring all our custom features as well your new ideas.

Do you provide support for installing your custom Citrix NetScaler Interface?

Yes, our Remote Install Assistance applies to all our interface customers at free of cost. We can support you from remote using web based remote programs.

Do you offer any bug fix warranty for your Custom NetScaler interface?

Yes, a 90 days of bug fix warranty will be offered with our Custom NetScaler Interface package.

If you have other questions not listed above then don’t hesitate to ask us using our contact form.

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