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FAQ: Citrix CloudPortal Services Manager Branding

What customization you provide on Citrix CloudPortal Services Manager?

Dart Innovations can offer extensive CSS based customization to bring your ideas and brand identity to live. We offer custom interface templates for both customer branding and URL branding.

Do you offer Advanced Customizations for Citrix CloudPortal Services Manager Templates?

No, implementing Custom Features on Citrix CloudPortal is generally not possible as we only have control over the CSS. However we can offer full customization in terms of design and branding.

Do you offer ongoing support? Are there any maintenance fee for that?

There is no specific support program need for custom interfaces. Hence there is no ongoing maintenance fee. However we are always available to provide our support based on customer requests. The support charges are based on your requirement. It is estimated based on the hours of work and calculated with our fixed hourly rate.

How long a Citrix CloudPortal services manager template customization takes?

We need 8 working days in general. 5 days for design and upon design approval it takes 3 days to complete the customization.

Can the Custom Branded Citrix CloudPortal Services Manager Templates be installed on multiple servers?

Yes, the Custom Branded Citrix CloudPortal Services Manager Templates can be installed on Unlimited CloudPortal Sites, instances and/or Unlimited Citrix CloudPortal Servers.

Do you offer advanced customization such as Custom Features for NetScaler Access Gateway?

Yes, a 90 days of bug fix warranty will be offered with our Custom CloudPortal Services Manager Template.

If you have other questions not listed above then don’t hesitate to ask us using our contact form.

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