June 2016

VMware Horizon View 7.0 Custom Interface demo is up now

VMware has released the latest Horizon View 7.0 version by end of March. As committed we were rushing to make the demo before end of May but it is delayed a month due to the reason we already committed for a custom Horizon View 7.0 interfaces with couple of our VMware base customers. Finally it is up now. The product seems to be revolutionary. We also released this demo with our advanced customization by adding our interesting features like Twitter, Announcements and Web Links module. As like other products we also offer IAdmin where admin can manage these features.

Citrix StoreFront 3.6 Custom Interface demo is up

It just the same design of Citrix StoreFront 3.5 Custom Interface where we have just moved it to the latest version. As we analyzed there is no much changes between Citrix StoreFront 3.5 receiver web interface and Citrix StoreFront 3.6 receiver web interface. Hence it is something that we can assure to port Citrix StoreFront 3.5 Custom interface to Citrix StoreFront 3.6 within a day for our customers.

PlayMobil: Kids Flash games to HTML5 delivered successfully

Playmobil, a leading gaming company had numerous Flash games which need to be converted to HTML5 without compromising on quality and performance that Flash games had. DART took it as a challenge and converted all the Flash games to HTML5 as expected. Each game had huge graphics and complex gaming logic written in Flash ActionScript. All the ActionScript codes were re-written in JavaScript and made sure it works perfectly in all devices across platform. Also, these games were made with multi-language support.

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