October 2016

Different ways to present the Custom Announcements Module

Different ways to present the Custom Announcements Module The most customers like to adapt our Announcements module in their Custom Branded Interface either it is Citrix StoreFront or Remote Desktop Web Access or 2X RAS or Others. The reason is it is just not a fancy thing where it is a pure utility for your users. The admin can post enough updates using this module hence it helps you to communicate effectively with your users/staffs. Announcements in other term it is called as Company news or …

Our Custom Interface demo for Citrix StoreFront 3.7 has been launched

Citrix has released it’s newest StoreFront interface 3.7 version last month. So this is time for us to place our custom interface demo as well. Although Citrix StoreFront 3.7 has bunch of added features it doesn’t vary much in it’s look and feel when compared to other StoreFront 3.x versions. Although we are not interested to just migrate our 3.6 theme to here instead we have build a new design for it. Watch out our cool demo for Custom Citrix StoreFront 3.7 interface. It aslso includes all advanced features such as other StoreFront interface demos.

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