January 2017

Flash to HTML5 Conversion Overview

Flash to HTML5 Conversion Overview First of all, we will have a brief about Flash and HTML5. What is Adobe Flash Player? Flash player is a browser based plug-in used to view multimedia content, streaming video & audio, executing Rich Internet Applications, complex 2D & 3D games and many more. In fact, Flash plug-in was available in more than 90 percent of desktop systems until few years back. Most of the online audio and video players were delivered using Flash player. Even YouTube’s …

2017 Pro-Jallikattu Protest

The Pro-Jallikattu Protest finally comes to an end today with a great victory. Dart Innovations was very proud to support and volunteer at this greatest moment organized by numerous leaderless apolitical youth groups.

Custom Interface Demos are back to normal themes

As the Christmas season is most closely end we have decided to place back the normal themes from the holiday dress. Yes Custom Interface Demos are back to normal themes so end up the holiday season. We have Lot of commitments over the Custom Interface solutions this year including the new Custom Remote Desktop Web Access 2016 demo. We are also planning to implement some new features to our custom features list such as file manager widget for network share etc. All these news are expected to flash-in shortly. Watch out our Custom Interface Demos

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