July 2017

Microsoft Outlook Web App 2016 Custom Interface Demo has been launched

This is great to announce that we have completed our customization demo for Outlook Web App 2016 today. It was bit late than we planned due to the high volume of custom interface projects going around on past few months. Here is the demo finally. The full width grey tone interface looks great in all responsive views. Enjoy the look and feel of our new custom MS Outlook Web App 2016 demo.

Citrix NetScaler 12.0 Custom logon page demo has been launched

The new interface demo Citrix NetScaler 12.0 has been launched. Few months back Citrix released it’s NetScaler 12.0 and we were immediately rushing to push a custom interface demo on it. But the time was bit of hectic due to the busiest projects on CIS and just now we could recap on it. Yes, the Citrix NetScaler 12.0 logon page looks awesome. Enjoy watching it.

A new website exclusive for Custom Interface Solutions has been launched

Due to the high demand on custom interace requirements we have decided to launch a new website that exclusively serves for Custom Interface branding solutions. This awesome site just not looks great where it also serves the purpose. The new site presents all information related to interface customization on Citrix StoreFront, NetScaler, RD Web Access, OWA, VMware Horizon View and more.

Flash eLearning course on Mathematics converted to HTML5

There were first batch of 100 Flash modules with each having 5 to 10 lessons. All these need to be converted to HTML5 using HTML5 Canvas was a must. This lead to the challenge with input text field on top of Canvas. The text field was not working properly on some of the devices. We managed to find a custom solution for dynamically placing the input field which worked without any issue across devices.

Spanish eLearning courseware converted to HTML5 successfully

The client CentroLatino was having Flash based Spanish eLearning courseware with around 5 modules and each module having around 60 lessons. The requirement was to convert this Flash course to HTML5 and deploy it in Paradiso LMS. The client was very well satisfied as this big course was converted to HTML5 on time and delivered as expected with quality performance on all devices.

Purbee Theme for StoreFront 2.6 receiver web interface

This free theme Purbee is an upgraded version of Purbee theme for StoreFront 2.6 version. This package is almost same of Theme Purbee for StoreFront 2.6 with some changes on CSS and HTML files. It is recommended to do a fresh install following the instruction. As like the Purbee SF 2.6 theme It will update your default StoreFront 2.6 website interface with a new cool look. The theme produces a custom new look to all screens of your …

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