A customization demo for Thinfinity RDS has been placed on live

Thinfinity Remote Desktop by CYBELE Soft  by Cybelesoft is one of our newer products in the list of our Custom Interface Solutions. We have already delivered couple of customization projects on Thinfinity VirtualUI. Now it is time to place our own demo on showcase and that is done. The demo has been up with all custom features such as Links, Announcements, documents, AD user info, Twitter etc. The demo is the proof where interface customization (branding as well features) to the any extend is possible with Thinfinity VirtualUI.

Automate101 Atria 12.13 custom branding demo has been up

The new demo with entirely new design for the Atria 12.13 (the latest version) has been up. We have demonstrated the capabilities of branding on login page with all custom elements and footer. The demo also has the customization on after login pages without crossing the rule of customization possibilities provided by Atria framework.

Pongal celebration 2021

The four-day-long festival is once again now. The mid-January is always special to us where we celebrate our greatest festival Pongal. Let’s take off for the 4 days break (14th till 17th January of 2021). As usual we start this holiday break with an official celebration…

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