Flash e-Cards recreated in Adobe Edge

There were hundreds of Flash based dynamic e-Cards. The client’s requirement was to recreate all of them using Adobe Edge Animate so that the output is in HTML5 and the look & feel also doesn’t change. The Edge version needs to be exactly same as Flash version. Again, we took the challenge and delivered all the e-Cards as per client’s requirement.

VMware Horizon View 6.0 demo has been moved to VMware Horizon View 6.2.0

This is great to announce that we have completed our customization demo for Microsoft Remote Desktop 2016 today. Microsoft announced its newest Windows Server 2016 on September 2016 and the same day we started exploring its Remote Desktop Services 2016. Here is the demo finally. The theme itself is entirely different than all other custom demo themes although it is still fully responsible. Enjoy the look and feel of our new custom Remote Desktop Web Access 2016 demo.

A new design has been updated to Citrix StoreFront 3.0 Receiver Web Interface demo

The old design was a quick update and went with lot of trials during the learning phase of new architecture. Hence we thought of recreating our Citrix StoreFront 3.0 Receiver Web Interface demo with fully updated and clean design. The new interface looks awesome in blue skin with lot of enhancements on the layout. Especially the mobile specific interface has been opted-out with our custom skin where the old interface was not. Yes the new Citrix StoreFront 3.0 Receiver Web has a mobile specific interface hence we need to work on 2 way. One is making the normal interface responsive throughout all sizes of screens which we normally do on old StoreFront interfaces. The another one is mobile specific interface which appears only on the mobile devices. So it is almost customizing two separate interfaces. Have a look on our StoreFront 3.0 Receiver Web Interface demo.

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