January 2020

Dart Innovations Celebrates Pongal Festival 2020

Today is the last working day of this week and then huge holiday break for the Pongal festival. Every year it has been a great moment to celebrate our traditional festival with traditional dress. As usual we had a great team lunch and a short celebration in our office. That’s really daunting to see the entire office on traditional style.

Error: Adding or configuring new Display Language in Windows Server 2019

Error: Adding or configuring new Display Language in Windows Server 2019 There is a problem with Windows Server 2019 in adding/configuring new languages. This has been reported by most of our RD Web Customers so we thought to write the solution as a blog.The simplest solution is to update ‘KB4476976 ’.If that is not the case and you just want to install a language package right now, then please follow the steps below. Download the language pack from here. Either…

The Product Key Plugin 1.3.2 version for Magento 2.x has been released today.

This is a minor version with few Magento 2.3 compatible issues have been fixed.
The bug with email delivery at Magento 2.3.3 version has been handled. The bug happens because the new version of Magento core doesn’t accept array values on addTo function. This is handled on PKD plugin now.
On the backend the options area dropdown had a conflict with cache which has been handled.

Custom Interface Demo for Citrix StoreFront 1909 Receiver Web has been up and running.

Citrix has released it newer version of StoreFront 1909 for Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops 7 by Sep 2019. There are few of our customers already migrated their custom interface to Custom StoreFront 1909. We also got time to design and customize an exclusive demo for Citrix StoreFront 1909. The design is entirely new with all custom features such as Announcements, links, Forgot Password, Twitter integration etcc are included as like other StoreFront demos.

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