January 2019

Optico – The new RD Web theme has been launched Today

Optico is a unique and plain quick theme which is optimal to most corporate and other businesses. It has been released today and available for purchase. Optico is a neat looking corporate touch theme which is responsive and smooth. As like other themes the Optico theme can be purchased and customized within few minutes. Ah!! that’s why we call it as quick themes.

The MS RD Web theme store has been launched today

We have finally launched our store for RD Web Access quick themes. We have launched it with 8 RD Web Access themes totally. We will eventually be adding more themes to the store. The RD Web quick themes are Built-Ready themes that can be quickly installed and changed with your brand identities such as logo, background, footer text etc. We made this effort for the people those who like to brand their RD Web simply, quickly and with minimum cost.

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