Scoyo (Germany) client visit to kick off the big Flash to HTML5 conversion project

The huge day went with our client Scoyo from Germany for the start of big Flash to HTML5 conversion project. It is about 1000s of learning objects including complex Flash Interactive courses assigned to convert into pure HTML5 mobile friendly content. The discussions went well on both days ending with a fun team lunch on the day 2. Thanks to Scoyo team for the nice and huge time with us.

Preparing for Apache CloudStack Custom Interface demo

It has been a while we are thinking to add Custom Interface solutions for Cloud services management portals. We already work with CPSM (Citrix CloudPortal services Manager) however still to orchestrate with other dedicated Cloud management solutions. Although we have already delivered couple of custom interface projects on CloudStack we haven’t prepared for a demo on this. Now decided to make an interface demo for Apache CloudStack user portal. And possibly the OpenStack demo to be followed soon. We are working on setting up the CloudStack infrastructure during the busy hours and will announce shortly when the demo is up and running.

Ericom Connect 8.2 new version has been released

Ericom has release its new version of Ericom Connect software which 8.2. The Ericom Connect 8.x has lot of cool new and improved features including RDP Acceleration, HTML5 client and lot more. However our part is to concentrate on the web interface which is the AccessPortal. The new 8.x version of Ericom Connect AccessPortal has many changes especially from their HTML5 client inclusion. It now hosted on a bundled server instead as an IIS website which provides big challenges on customization especially on the custom features implementation. However we have come out all the hurdles and manage to customize cool new (limitless) branding as well include all our custom features. We are working on couple of projects and very soon placing our custom interface demo for Ericom Connect 8.2 AccessPortal.

Dartinnovations.com has been revamped with entirely new look and more information

After 4 years, our website has been revamped with entirely new look. Just not the design but also with more content. As custominterfacesolutions.com has been launched to serve dedicatedly for interface solutions, the new dart site focus more on other services such as content management system, ecommerce, flash to html5 conversion and mobile app solutions. Just not the website where Dart team also has been enlarged with more man power and technologies.

Microsoft Outlook Web App 2016 Custom Interface Demo has been launched

This is great to announce that we have completed our customization demo for Outlook Web App 2016 today. It was bit late than we planned due to the high volume of custom interface projects going around on past few months. Here is the demo finally. The full width grey tone interface looks great in all responsive views. Enjoy the look and feel of our new custom MS Outlook Web App 2016 demo.

Citrix NetScaler 12.0 Custom logon page demo has been launched

The new interface demo Citrix NetScaler 12.0 has been launched. Few months back Citrix released it’s NetScaler 12.0 and we were immediately rushing to push a custom interface demo on it. But the time was bit of hectic due to the busiest projects on CIS and just now we could recap on it. Yes, the Citrix NetScaler 12.0 logon page looks awesome. Enjoy watching it.

A new website exclusive for Custom Interface Solutions has been launched

Due to the high demand on custom interace requirements we have decided to launch a new website that exclusively serves for Custom Interface branding solutions. This awesome site just not looks great where it also serves the purpose. The new site presents all information related to interface customization on Citrix StoreFront, NetScaler, RD Web Access, OWA, VMware Horizon View and more.

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