March 2021

Running websites under different users by configuring PHP-FPM Pools on per-site basis

By default the web server and php-fpm runs with the user called www-data. It is often required that we need to run php-fpm on different users for different websites. Running each site with its own uid/gid is more secure and easier to deal with. If all sites ran with same user, then php on one site could read/write the files of other users. This is a security concern….

Installing Magento 2.4.x with Elasticsearch in Ubuntu

From Magento 2.4.0 all installations must be configured to use Elasticsearch a powerful search module used with Magento’s catalog search solution. If you are upgrading you must install and configure Elasticsearch before you upgrade Magento. It’s not difficult to setup Elasticsearch, but there are a lot of steps. Although you may feel as an unnecessary task but the benefits are huge as an ecommerce site finally the search…

Is Flutter better choice for App development?

Yes, at Dart Innovations our choice is Flutter for the new Apps development especially when come into cross-platform Mobile Apps.Flutter is Google’s mobile app SDK, complete with a framework, widgets, and tools, that gives developers an easy way to build and deploy visually attractive, fast mobile apps on both Android and iOS platforms. It has all the elements from cross-platform and native development models to build robust applications in minimal time.Few reasons why Flutter becomes best choice for Mobile App …

How to remove Newsletter subscription panel from Magento 2.x

There are few cases you may want to remove the default Newsletter subscription panel from Magento web site. But unfortunately there is no configuration settings that can easily performed from Magento admin for Newsletter removal. However it is not a big job where you can do it from your SSH Console or from the layout.xml Remove using the Layout.xml (recommended) We recommend this method because your Newsletter module may depend on other modules or vice-versa which may cause dependency issues. Go …

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