November 2017

Best Free PHP Frameworks

Best Free PHP Frameworks Open Source PHP frameworks for Web and mobile developmentPHP is one of the most popular server-side scripting languages which are used in creating dynamic and interactive web pages for web application development. PHP is widely used by developers across the globe as it is free and most efficient alternative to Microsoft’s ASP.NET. PHP FrameworksPHP frameworks can help and simplify the process of web development in a more professional and efficient manner. With its many built-in features, PHP …

Ericom Connect 8.2 new version has been released

Ericom has release its new version of Ericom Connect software which 8.2. The Ericom Connect 8.x has lot of cool new and improved features including RDP Acceleration, HTML5 client and lot more. However our part is to concentrate on the web interface which is the AccessPortal. The new 8.x version of Ericom Connect AccessPortal has many changes especially from their HTML5 client inclusion. It now hosted on a bundled server instead as an IIS website which provides big challenges on customization especially on the custom features implementation. However we have come out all the hurdles and manage to customize cool new (limitless) branding as well include all our custom features. We are working on couple of projects and very soon placing our custom interface demo for Ericom Connect 8.2 AccessPortal.

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