December 2017

Installing and Enabling Flash Player

Installing and Enabling Flash Player FireFox 1 . Go to your settings >> add-ons. Ref screen below. 2 . Click Plugins from the left menu. 3 . Make sure ‘Always Active’ is selected for the Shockwave Flash Add-on. Ref: screen below. Internet Explorer 1 . Go to Settings and Click Manage add-ons. Ref: Screen below. 2 . Under Manage Add-ons >> Toolbars and Extensions select Shockwave Flash Object and Make sure it is enabled. Ref: Screen below. Chrome 1 . Go to settings. Ref the screen below. 2 …

Scoyo (Germany) client visit to kick off the big Flash to HTML5 conversion project

The huge day went with our client Scoyo from Germany for the start of big Flash to HTML5 conversion project. It is about 1000s of learning objects including complex Flash Interactive courses assigned to convert into pure HTML5 mobile friendly content. The discussions went well on both days ending with a fun team lunch on the day 2. Thanks to Scoyo team for the nice and huge time with us.

Preparing for Apache CloudStack Custom Interface demo

It has been a while we are thinking to add Custom Interface solutions for Cloud services management portals. We already work with CPSM (Citrix CloudPortal services Manager) however still to orchestrate with other dedicated Cloud management solutions. Although we have already delivered couple of custom interface projects on CloudStack we haven’t prepared for a demo on this. Now decided to make an interface demo for Apache CloudStack user portal. And possibly the OpenStack demo to be followed soon. We are working on setting up the CloudStack infrastructure during the busy hours and will announce shortly when the demo is up and running.

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