April 2018

Custom Interface demo has been placed for new Remote Desktop Services 2016 Web Client

Microsoft has released its beta version of Web Client for its Remote Desktop Services 2016 which is an extension to the Remote Desktop Web Access portal. Hence it is time to experiment and place a customization demo for it. We made it; yes the custom branded demo has been placed for RD Web Access 2016 Web Client. We are still working on implementing our custom features and the challenge is finding layout to adopt the features. However we will be implementing the custom features to the RD Web Access Web Client very shortly.

Parallels RAS HTML5 (16.2) customization demo has been placed

We have placed a custom interface demo for the new Parallels RAS HTML5 16.2 version. Although the demo looks cool we haven’t implemented our custom features so far. So this is a branding only demo and we are still working on implementing the custom features such as Forgot Password, Announcements, links, documents and other custom features. We haven’t made any customization demo for the new version of Parallels RAS Web Portal as Parallels recommends HTML5 gateway than the Web Portal. However we still can offer our customization on both Web Portal as well HTML5 gateway of Parallels RAS to any version.

The new design has been placed on Ericom Connect 8.2 AccessPortal Customization demo

We thought of bringing a new look and add all our custom features to the custom Ericom Connect 8.2 AccessPortal demo and we just did that. The new design looks totally different with solid cut styles. The great logon screens features called Forgot Password and Forgot Username have been implemented too. The IAdmin portal is available to manage all these features as usual like all our customizations.

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