July 2020

Parallels RAS 17.1.2 Customization demo has been placed

It is time for us to place the full featured Parallels RAS 17.1.2 Customization demo. A simple green cloud design was taken as theme. We have implemented all our custom features such as Announcements, Links, Twitter feed, AD info, Downloads, Documents etc. The IAdmin link has been placed inside the demo so the user can explore our IAdmin module as well. We will be adding Forgot Password and Forgot Username modules shortly to the login page which will work similar to our StoreFront or RD Web Demos.

The Bulk Import feature has been added to the Product Keys Delivery plugin for Magento 2.x.

This is an amazing feature demanded by many customers which has been implemented finally. Yes, you can now import Keys in bulk from a CSV or Excel file. You can have multiple keys as well multiple key pools or SKU in one single CSV file for import. It will reduce lot of work for customers who need to keep thousands of keys in stock. The feature is available under the menu called Import Keys. A sample CSV file is also kept on the Import Keys page which will help customers to generate CSV/Excel in proper format.

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