March 2019

Citrix has released the new version of StoreFront called StoreFront 1903 for Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops 7.

As we know Citrix has changed the StoreFront versioning style from StoreFront 1811 it is now Citrix StoreFront 1903 for Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops. Yes, the newer version Citrix StoreFront 1903 for Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops 7 1903 has been released. The major change at this release is removal of Classic User Experience (“green bubbles”) which is no longer supported from the version of StoreFront 1903. Although there is no change in the Web Interface there are many improvements as well bug fixes such as Safari 12 client detection issue, uninstallation issue on Windows 2019 and more. Look at the product documentation to know more >>

The version 1.2 for Magento 2.x Product Keys Delivery plugin has been released today

We have released the 1.2 version for Product Keys Delivery plugin for Magento 2.x today. The release notes are below. The PKD version 1.2 is compatible with Magento 2.3.
Bug fix: In the product pages on admin the checkbox ‘Overwrite General Config’ was not working from the versions Magento 2.2.6 plus. That is fixed.
New Feature: The product keys for the orders have been listed under customer dashboard in a new Tab called ‘My Keys’.

The ADFS Logon theme store has been launched today

As after launching our RD Web theme store we are continuously working towards building the theme for other Microsoft interfaces. So by today we are launching our theme store for Active Directory Federation Services Logon themes. The ADFS theme store will have same themes we built for RD Web theme store so the customers can have the same look on their ADFS interface too. We have placed all our themes for ADFS with various customization option such like changing logon text, footer, logo, background etc. The ADFS quick themes are even quicker to customize and install.

Installing HTML5 Web Client for MS Remote Desktop Services 2019

Installing HTML5 Web Client for MS Remote Desktop Services 2019 The RD Web Client is an add-on for the Remote Desktop Web Access role that has been shipped with Windows Server 2019. The Web Client Version was introduced with RDS 2016 as a beta version then of course a production version. Now, with RDS 2019 it is been shipped with the initial package itself. Unlike RDS 2016 you don’t need to do any KB4 windows updates for RDS 2019. Just …

Dart Innovations celebrates it’s 13th Anniversary

March 10 is always special. Yes, we are once again completing a successful year. The celebrations to be carried out; however the memories are blowing around. We know there is still a long way to run so just taking a breath and starting again. Thanks to all our staffs, clients and other supporters who take part in our success.

RD Web 2019 custom interface demo has been launched

We have launched our RD Web 2019 customization demo today. It has been a long time from the RD Web 2019’s official release as the team was much busier with the RD Web quick themes development as well on other Custom Interface projects. Yes, we have already delivered couple of RD Web 2019 customization projects but just demo is getting released today. The design is really unique, thanks to the designer for the great idea. All custom features such as Forgot Password, Announcements, Documents, OWA integration etc have been included in the initial version itself. The customization demo also applies to RD Web Client pages. As this is a memorable day where we are celebrating our 13th Anniversary this demo may be a complement to it. Watch out!!

Dart Innovations sponsors a website for the greatest Indian native sport called Ball Badminton

Dart Innovations as one of the active member of Ball Badminton community has been sponsoring to the game for the past 2 years in various manners. Now Dart Innovations has committed Chennai District Ball Badminton Association to help making their web presence and digital promotions. As a first step a website called has been launched today after an active development of 4 months. The website aims to serve just not to the CDBBA where it aims to serve for Ball Badminton community by presenting/recording all tournament details, events, news, clubs and coaches around this fantastic ancient game.

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